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Benjamin Moore Simply White Color Review (OC-117)

Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-117) is a magical crisp off-white and was Benjamin Moore’s 2016 color of the year. We use this color all the time, and it is beautiful.

According to the rules of whites, you should never use such a light paint color in a dimly lit room, but somehow it shines like a beacon.  When we first tried it in a house with low light (at the homeowner’s request), we didn’t believe it, but it worked.

Simply White Paint Color Review

In the last year, we experimented with Simply White and pushed it to its limits.  We tried Simply White in several projects (including my house). It rarely “shadows out” in the corners as we would expect with such a light and crisp color.  Now we are ready to show you our results, and they are gorgeous.

Kitchen with BM Simply White Walls
Photo by M. Marceny, BM Simply White Walls

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All color reviews feature our color consulting projects, and many of our photos come from our satisfied clients!

Benjamin Moore Simply White sample
Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-117)

Simply White LRV

Simply White has an LRV of 89.5 which makes it a bright white.  This crisp off-white paint color has lots of yellow, making it light up a room.  LRV is short for Light Reflectance Value, which measures how light (LRV=100) or dark (LRV=0) a color is.

Is Benjamin Moore Simply White warm or cool?

Simply White is a warm white. I love recommending this white when clients want to paint a whole room or open-concept living space white. While some white paints can look too stark or cold in large applications, Simply White doesn’t. It adds beautiful warmth to just about any room.

What are the undertones of Simply White?

Simply White has strong yellow undertones. In bright, natural sunlight the undertones virtually disappear.  In a darker room they brighten a room and make it shine through the dinge.  You can read more about how lighting affects Simply White later on in this post.

Is BM Simply White too yellow?

It depends on the room you’re using it in. The yellow undertones are barely visible in rooms with lots of natural light. The yellow undertones make Simply White so great for darker rooms – it truly glows on the wall and brightens up the room without making it look yellow.

Does simply white look dingy?

While some white colors can start to look dingy as a room gets darker, Simply White does not. Normally, you should never use such a light color in a dimly lit room. But Simply White’s yellow undertones help it shine even in darker spaces. 

When we first tried Simply White in a house with low light (at a client’s request), we didn’t think it would work. But we were very pleasantly surprised. It has since become one of our favorite white paints for dark rooms, and we’ve done a lot of experimenting with it – including in my own home!

My open-concept living room, for example, features Simply White walls and an Extra white ceiling. Simply White looks lovely paired with the Sherwin-Williams Cyberspace accent wall pictured below.

A Cyberspace accent wall with a fireplace
An open concept room painted with Simply White paint & Cyberspace accent wall

When should I use Simply White?

Use Simply White to update a room with crisp, clean, and bright hard finishes.  It is a beautiful color for interior walls, ceilings, and trim, and gorgeous as a cabinet color.

Are Simply White kitchen cabinets a good idea?

Yes, Simply White is a great option for white kitchen cabinets. All-white kitchens are beautiful, but they can sometimes feel a little cold if there is too much white. Using Simply White paint for the cabinets adds a lovely warmth.

Simply White also pairs well with darker cabinet colors, making it a great option for tuxedo kitchens. Using Simply White for upper cabinets and a warm blue-green like Farrow & Ball Hague Blue or a medium gray like Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray would look lovely. 

Simply White kitchen cabinets in farmhouse kitchen with Rift oak island cabinets.
Photo by M. Marceny, Simply White Cabinets

Does Simply White work for open-concept living spaces?

Simply White can be an excellent choice for open-concept homes! This paint color works well in most natural light; it’s a versatile option for a home with various open living spaces. 

You can see Simply White in action in this client’s home. The trim and walls in this open-concept space were initially painted with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. The room was dark enough that Chantilly Lace looked a little dingy. We left the trim as-is but repainted the walls with Simply White, and the room now feels warm and inviting. 

A living room painted with white paint as part of a whole house color palette.
An open-concept living and dining area are painted with Simply White paint

We like Simply White as a whole-house color so much that we based a whole color palette on it, pairing Simply White with hues like Benjamin Moore Gray Mist (a lovely warm gray), Iced Marble (a gorgeous blue-green), and Wrought Iron (a deep charcoal gray). Explore the Simply White whole-house color palette.

Transform your home with the power of color.

Best trim and ceiling colors to pair with Simply White

My favorite placement for Simply White is to paint the ceiling, walls, and trim the same color but with shifting sheens for a subtle movement of color.  The ceiling is flat, the trim is satin, and the walls can be painted eggshell.

Kitchen with white cabinets and Simply White walls and ceilings
Photo by M. Marceny, Un-retouched, BM Simply White walls and ceilings

If you want more contrast, pick a clean white for the trim and ceiling, such as BM Chantilly Lace or BM Oxford White.  I like to use the exact trim and ceiling whites in a room. They should be lighter than the wall color.

Don’t use blue-white colors such as BM White Diamond or BM Decorator’s White for trim and ceilings because they will look discordant with Simply White.

When paired with Simply White walls, darker whites, such as BM White Dove, Cloud White, or BM Swiss Coffee, will look dingy as trim and ceilings.

When should I avoid Simply White?

Don’t use this white color if you have earthy finishes with pink-beige undertones, such as travertine or tile, with a Tuscan look. The pink-beige undertones clash with Simply White’s yellow undertones. You’ll be left feeling like something is off but not knowing why. 

Avoid Simply White with Carrara marble; working with such a warm paint color is too cold.

If your house has this type of tile or granite (below), you should not use Simply White.  This was an after photo of one of our projects. These gorgeous cabinets were painted with BM Chelsea Gray; trim and ceiling are BM White Dove. The walls are Classic Gray.

Photo by M. Camilli, BM Chelsea Gray cabinets

If your floor looks like this, don’t paint walls or trim Simply White.  This floor is beautifully paired with BM White Dove trim and BM Rockport Gray walls.

Photo by M. Marceny, Earthy slate floors with BM White Dove trim and BM Rockport Gray Walls.

Don’t pair this white paint color with very cool whites such as BM Decorator’s White or BM White Diamond because they will look discordant with the warmth of Simply White.  The colors are ok together in natural light, but they can look off at night with artificial light.  I paired SW Extra White (a blue-white) trim and ceiling with Simply White in my house because I couldn’t afford to repaint my ceiling and trim.  It’s ok, but not perfect.

Photo by M. Marceny, Un-retouched, BM Simply White Walls, SW Extra White doors and trim with lights on

How does Simply White change with light?

Simply White has strong yellow undertones that disappear in a bright, naturally-lit space but peek through as the light is darker.

Simply White In an East-Facing Room

The following photo was taken at 9:00 AM in an east-facing exposure with a covered porch.  The room is light and bright, and the Simply White wall color looks like a clean white.

Living room with BM Simply White walls and SW Extra White ceiling
Photo by M. Marceny, BM Simply White Walls, 9:00 AM, East-facing room

This next photo is the same room taken at 3:09 PM, as the sun has moved to the other side of the house.  The room has less light, and the yellow undertones start to peek through.  Still beautiful!

Living room with BM Simply White walls and Extra White ceiling
Photo by M. Marceny, BM Simply White Walls, 3:09 PM, East-facing room

The following photo is of the kitchen in my new house.  We moved into the house 18 months ago, and originally it was painted SW Agreeable Gray, which looked dingy.  We repainted it with SW White Duck, which looked nice.  Next was my Simply White experiment, and it is my favorite!

This photo shows the backlit east-facing windows in the morning, and the Simply White still looks great.

Kitchen with SW Simply White walls and SW Extra White ceiling
Photo by M. Marceny

The following photo is of the butler’s pantry going into the dining room (Granite Peak) with an east exposure in the morning:

Butler's pantry with Simply White walls
Photo by M. Marceny, Un-retouched, BM Simply White walls

Simply White With Warm Lighting

Most of us turn the lights on at some point in the evening.  This photo shows a lighted hallway with Simply White walls and Extra White door and trim.

Photo by M. Marceny, BM Simply White Walls, Extra White trim, lighted entry.

Simply White can look great in every exposure- north, south, east or west.  In darker rooms it will flash more yellow (but in a pretty and very light way).

Simply White In a Northwest Facing Room

Here are photos of spaces with northwest exposure, one of the trickiest lights.  Light from the north is cool, and the west light starts darker in the morning and gets lighter in the afternoon.  Even though you may be looking at east windows, the light is coming from the west with a covered back porch.  These photos were taken in the morning when the light was lowest.  Again, these photos have not been re-touched for color or light.

Stairway with Simply White walls and ceilings
Photo by M. Marceny, BM Simply White walls, ceiling, trim
Living room with Simply White walls and ceilings
Photo by M. Marceny, BM Simply White Walls, 9:00 AM, East-facing room
Entryway with Simply White walls, ceiling, trim
Photo by M. Marceny, BM Simply White walls, ceiling, trim

This photo was taken in the afternoon with West exposure.  I love how the light streams in from a small sidelight window from an entry that faces west.

Front entry with BM Simply White walls
Photo by M. Marceny, BM Simply White walls

Can I use Simply White for exteriors?

The answer is… it depends.  What makes Simply White so beautiful for interiors is that it has low pigment, which means that when you use it outside, you may need to paint an extra coat or two, increasing the paint job’s price.  If you decide to use Simply White outside, consider primer first. Also, Simply White is pretty bright for an exterior.  It could end up looking like a primer.

There are always exceptions to the rules.  We used Simply White exterior paint for the trim on this house, but it worked because we paired it with a clean and crisp yellow.  The brick was painted, so there were minimal earthy finishes.  The house was surrounded by large trees with lots of shade.  We wrote about this house here.

Historic home with BM Simply White trim and accents
Photo by M. Marceny, BM Simply White trim

Simply White vs. Other Popular White Paints

Choosing the right white paint for your home might be one of the most stressful paint decisions you’ll have to make (at least, that’s what we hear from our clients!). Use this guide to compare Simply White to other popular white paint colors.

Simply White vs. Cloud White

Simply White and Benjamin Moore Cloud White are both warm white paint colors, but Simply White is brighter than Cloud White. Simply White has an LRV of 89.5, while Cloud White has an LRV of 87.4. Cloud White is also creamier than Simply White, and taupe-ish undertones. Learn more about Cloud white in our color review here.

Simply White vs. White Dove

Simply White is much warmer than Benjamin Moore White Dove. White Dove is more muted than Simply, even though it has subtle yellow undertones. It has an LRV of 85, so it is darker than Simply White. Although they are both warm colors, White Dove is cooler than Simply White. Learn more about White Dove in the color review here.

Simply White vs Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is a mostly clean white with very slight blue undertones, which most people never see. It is much crisper and cooler than Simply White and will never look yellow. Chantilly Lace is a popular choice for trim and ceilings because of its clean undertones. Learn more about Chantilly Lace here.

Simply White vs Swiss Coffee

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is a darker white than Simply White. It is a warm white, getting its warmth from subtle green and yellow undertones. It’s much darker than Simply White, with an LRV of 83.9.

Simply White vs Alabaster

While Sherwin-Williams Alabaster is a warm white like Simply White, it’s a different color. Alabaster is darker, with an LRV of 82, and also has strong yellow undertones. It’s muddier than Simply, which isn’t a bad thing, just a different tool.

Can my painter match Simply White to Sherwin Williams?

The simple answer is NO!  You can’t match Simply White.  Many have tried, and few have ever succeeded. This was a new build where the painter talked the homeowner into copying Simply White.  It turned green, and the painter had to repaint it with the real Simply White.  This was a costly mistake for the homeowner and the painter because the house had to be repainted. It always goes green, like in the photo below.

Simply White compared to paint matched walls
Photo by M. Marceny, Un-retouched, BM Simply White sample compared to paint-matched walls.

Don’t paint match if you’re looking for the Sherwin-Williams color closest to Simply White.  Instead, use SW Pure White.  It’s not the same and behaves a bit differently, but it is a nice color, and your house will not go green.

Learn more about matching paint colors here.

What is the best way to test Simply White?

As always, don’t forget to test your paint colors! The easiest way to sample any paint color is via SAMPLIZE. Their peel-and-stick paint samples are easy to use and true to color. With Samplize you can easily see how different shades look on your unique wall.

Get 10% off your Samplize order today with our discount code “CC10” at checkout. Order today and get samples tomorrow!

If you’d like to test the colors that we mentioned in this post, link below for the Samplize samples:

Simply White

Cloud White

White Dove

Chantilly Lace

Swiss Coffee


Key Learning Points

Simply White is simply gorgeous! You can use it in bright rooms, poorly lit rooms, and with crisp, clean hard finishes.  Don’t use Simply White with earthy Tuscan tile or stone such as Travertine.

No matter what, don’t forget to test your paint colors as a standard best practice.  Whenever I test my paint colors, they are perfect, and when I don’t test them, they turn out wrong. Learn how to test your paint colors here.

Online Color Consulting

If you still need help with paint colors, check out our Online Color Consulting packages or an In-Person Color Consultation in the Denver Metro area.

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We love your comments! Please note that the blog is meant as general advice, and it is not possible to give out specific answers to your paint questions.  If you want more specific advice, please consider purchasing a color consultation. Thank you for your understanding.

106 Responses

    1. Hi Liz,
      The cabinets were from Mastercraft, but the lowers match identically to Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray.

  1. I am stuck with those brown tiles, so you say not to use simply white but what is a good alternative then? Brown tile, brown wood, dark countertops… I want a nice soft white for my common areas with few windows. Is it just hopeless? Because seeing your simply white pictures makes my heart swoon.

    1. Hi CC,
      Instead of Simply White try Cloud White, White Dove or Swiss Coffee. Don’t forget to test your paint colors!

      1. Swiss Coffee has been my Trim color for years! Even my kitchen cabinets were refaced with that color. I absolutely love it. My walls are Behr’s Antique White and the combination is classic, serene and clean.

    2. You say not to use Simply White with earthy elements such as Travertine or Slate flooring, but no reason as to why? I’m thinking of painting walls Simply White with medium-toned brown wood baseboards and light blue and green slate flooring. Are the baseboards enough of a transition or is this a mistake waiting to happen? The walls are currently DE Navajo White and wanting to freshen things up a bit.

      1. Hi Catherine,
        That is an excellent question! The reason we don’t like to use Simply White with Travertine is the SW has strong yellow tones, and Travertine usually has strong pink beige tones. Yellow beige clashes with pink beige. It will be one of those momets where you say that it looks off but you don’t know why. A light blue or green slate is a different story! Simply White is beautiful with a blue or green slate. I think that this could look nice, but please don’t try to match through Sherwin Williams. Your walls will look green, but you never know, the green walls might not be bad with your blue or green slate. But its a crap-shoot. No matter what, test, test, test!

  2. Thank you for this great article. We have a lot of light coming from east window and sliding glass doors, but in the afternoon it’s very dark. No windows on the west side except in bedrooms.
    I like this idea of Simply White, but our wood floors are old Bruce hardwood medium oak that looks darker and a little warmer than your wood floors. The wood extend in the entryway and through the kitchen.
    Carpet in the rest of the living space is a light beige/tan.
    Would Simply White work in this case?

    1. Hi Yvonne,
      Thank you so much! I’m not too worried about the wood floors with Simply White, but its hard for me to say without seeing the finishes in your kitchen. The light tan/beige carpet could work depending on the undertones. If the undertones are pink-beige it won’t work. We can give you more information if we see a photo as part of a color consultation.

      1. Thank you so much, Michelle. The carpet is a light camel color, so no pink. The kitchen has very little wall space. It’s a tract home from 1978 so the cabinets take up almost all wall space. Most everything needs replacing, but I’d like to start with a fresh new paint!
        Thank you for your guidance. I understand the and I will do a test of the 3 whites you recommended.

      1. The upper cabinets were pre-painted from MasterCraft cabinets, White Icing. They are in the same off-white family as Simply White, but with less yellow. The closest match I’ve been able to find is SW Pure White.

    1. Hi Denise,
      We don’t work with Valspar or Glidden frequently, so I can’t really answer that. I can say that so far Simply White is a very unique color. If you want that color, we recommend that you purchase from Benjamin MOore.

      1. What trim would go best with simply white for exterior? Chantilly lace looked off and grayish next to it.

        1. I prefer not to use Simply White or Chantilly Lace for exteriors. They are too bright. What makes those colors beautiful inside is that they have a very low amount of pigment. that means that when you take them outside, you would need to paint several more coats and the labor would be expensive. Additionally, the colors would look too stark. Instead, pick a warmer color and make sure that you test a very large swatch outside.

          When painting a body white, if you want to paint trim white also, you can just use the same color.

          Hope that helps!

      2. Hi there
        Question for you?
        I just renovated my upstairs and painted the interior walls Manchester tan BM/trim white dove
        I’m considering my interior downstairs painted simply white and my trim is all pine wood and floors are Tobacco Road dark and light wood????
        Do you think this is the correct warm white to paint the entire downstairs?
        Thank you in advance for your thoughts

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for your article. What trim color would you recommend to go with Benjamin Moore Seattle Gray? Would simply white or chantilly lace work better. My home doesn’t have direct light for most of the day, some late afternoon only in the kitchen.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Seattle Gray is very light and very blue. I think that either color would work well, but just make sure that you test them both together. I’m leaning toward Chantilly Lace.
      Good luck!

  4. Hi Michelle, I just found you while searching for color tips for a north facing great room with lots of windows – and so happy I did! I wanted a clean crisp white and you’ve saved me from a stark cold result – thank you!
    I’m planning to paint my cabinets BM Nimbus, and the floors are a medium/dark warm wood. Do you think simply white would work on the walls or would you go with something a bit warmer?

    1. Hi Susan,
      That sounds lovely! Simply White could work, but it really depends on what your countertops and backsplash look like. If they have clean colors, then you should be ok, even if you have a solid black countertop. If your counter and backsplash are very earthy or even terra cotta colors it won’t look good. If you want a more informed consultation, please purchase one of our color packages. I can’t really make a solid recommendation without seeing photos of your space.
      Good luck!

      1. Thanks Michelle. The counters will be a white quartz so sounds like it should work. I’ll check out your online consult for more information

        1. Appreciate your article! We are putting in warmer white cabinets with no blue undertones and white quartz counters with slight marbling. Also no blue undertones. With white subway tile. Kitchen faces east with very large window. Warmer med/dark bamboo floors. Simply white sounds like the best match, but the word yellow always makes me think of old fashion and not crisp. Sounds like I need to re think that. Would you use SW for ceiling, walls, and trim?
          Also would like maybe like a wall of a VERY livht pastel or Dove Grey. Any recommendations?
          Thanks so much,

          1. You could use SW for ceiling, walls and trim in different sheens. Its hard for us to make a specific recommendation without a full color consultation.

  5. Hands down best analysis of Simply White I’ve seen and I’ve seen them all. Showing real life photos in different exposures as well as the example of a color matching is key. Also helps that my house has the same tricky exposure as yours. I’m debating between Dove Wing with White Dove trim or Simply White on walls and trim. Tough decision given that simply white does manage to look fresh and congruous even in dim light. Thanks for the great analysis!

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m really glad you were able to use this. Whenever we do color consults and people give me inspiration photos, I always need to point out they have likely been lightened. in terms of trim color, when it comes to whites, I usually like a lighter trim than the walls, or the same. If you really want to do Simply White on the walls, I would do SW on the trim and ceiling. It would laso be pretty to use Chantilly Lace or Oxford White on the trim and ceiling.
      Good luck!

  6. I loved your article. I have white tile floors with s hint of peach( doesn’t show up unless certain whites are next to it). The room is west facing and no side windows. I get great afternoon light. My furniture are Browns and greige with some silver accents and glass.

    Would Simply White brighten my room?

    1. My sense is that you could probably do better with a color like Cloud white, but I would need to see it. The peach could look off if adjacent to Simply white.

      1. Very helpful article, thank you!
        I’m refacing my north facing kitchen cabinets, but if I don’t pick one of their whites they color match. I’m thinking I like simply white for cabinets and then painting walls and trim the same color.
        I’m wondering if the color matched simply white cabinets will clash with the true simply white walls and trim?

        1. Hi Linda,

          We don’t recommend color matching, especially whites. Just order the closest color to an off-white. Benjamin Moore whites are especially tricky, and we always advise against it. The last time one of my clients tried to color match Simply White, their walls turned green. It was very expensive to fix.

          If you pick the closest off-white cabinet from their palette to Simply White, you should be able to pair with Simply White.

          Good luck!

  7. Such an incredibly helpful analysis of Simply White! Thank you so much! What grey trim color would you pair with Simply White Walls? I just tested BM Sidewalk Grey and it looks too blue / purple. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Crissy,
      Thank you! Simply white should go with any gray, but the key is that the undertones of the gray should pair properly with your decor and hard finishes.

  8. Thank you so much for such a great article! I am planning to use Simply White throughout my house, walls, ceiling, and trimming – in different sheen. What kitchen cabinets white color do you recommend for north face first floor placement?

    I appreciate you timing your time and sharing your thoughts!

    1. Hi Nikki,
      Assuming that Simply White is the right color to pair with your tile and flooring and countertops, you could paint the cabinets the same white as the trim. Don’t forget to test!

  9. Hi, there! Such a helpful piece of work. Thank you! I am going to do Simply White on my kitchen cabinets and want white subway tiles for my backsplash. Any particular white color recommendations to go with Simply White? I’m guessing I just need to bring home various tiles and see.

    1. It all depends on your other hard finishes – your countertop and floor. We usually only recommend one pattern on hard finishes per room, so if your counter has a pattern, consider a simple subway tile.


  10. This is such an informative review, thank you! The comparison photos are so helpful! We have that warm earthy slate tile you showed as one to avoid mixing with Simply White. The cabin also has natural pine trim around the doors and windows (so already a lot of color). We just painted BM White Dove in one north and east windowed bedroom and it looks wonderful! So I’m leaning towards sticking with that, even in the main room with lots of south and west light. Should White Dove still work there? Thanks so much!

    1. Without seeing the photos, it probably will, but I recommend that you test, test, test!

  11. Very helpful article. Thank you. I love all of the whites but trying to decide how to pair them in our kitchen makes me crazy. We have a vaulted pine ceiling painted with flat Simply White. Our cupboards are a whiter white and the wood flooring is a warm whitish gray. I think we may try your suggestion of sticking with Simply White in varying finishes for trim and walls.

    I am curious about the beautiful low profile brown wooden ceiling fan with the black base in the last few pics. Do you remember where that was purchased or what brand it is?

    Thanks again.

  12. Thank you for this review! So so informative. We are thinking of painting the walls simply white and the ceiling ultra spec 500 super white (from my understanding it is a bright white). Will this work? Thank you!!

    1. Super White would work nicely. It is warmer than Chantilly Lace (which is a little blue) and cooler or almost identical to Oxford White, which is a great clean white with Simply White. Another option that would save you a fortune is if you paint your walls and ceilings Simply White with a Flat or Matte sheen. Its a nice solution if you are working with whites. Then you wouldn’t need to pay for the labor to do cut-ins at the ceiling.


    2. I have used Simply White for trim and Alaskan Skies throughout my house. I am replacing my north-facing kitchen cabinets and would like to use a white paint for them. Would Simply White be good without changing the Alaskan Skies walls? If not, what white would you suggest? I do have a light travertine blacksplash that I would like to keep but it could be replaced. My floors are mediium wood tone.

  13. Great tips! I have Simply White in many places all over house & love it. What white or pale gray do you recommend with existing simply white trim (that I can’t remove since extends to other rooms.) Want a clean white wall with blank windows so white needs to be crisp but also nice contrast with simply white trim. Love to hear your advice.

    1. Hi Paris,
      It’s hard for me to make a recommendation without seeing photos of your finishes, since grays are so different. Grays basically have three different undertones: green, blue, and violet. When you pick a gray, make sure that you tie in other elements of your decor, such as countertops, tile or even your sofa or art. You might consider one of our online consultation packages.

  14. Hello, simply white is it a good choice to paid a basement ? I have only on window on south and light vinyl floor like white oak. Thank you for your help

    1. Hi Martine,
      Please consider one of our online color consulting projects for this project.

  15. Thanks for all the great advice!! I am repainting some rooms in my house in a few weeks. It’s a 55 yr.old Cape Cod with medium to dark hardwoods throughout, a full front porch and lots of trees surrounding (in other words, pretty dark interior. The kitchen cabinets are pine, in a medium stain, the only light comes from a bay window that faces east, Kitchen counters are dark green pattern. Can I use Simply White to brighten up, or would one of the others you mentioned work better?

    1. Hi Andie,
      Please consider purchasing one of our online packages for this very specific advice. Its hard for me to make a suggestion without seeing the photos.

  16. hi,
    I have sweet vanilla LVP from Medallion and the countertops Vardara Naurelle, We thought about simply white for the cabinets and not sure now after reading here? Thoughts

    1. Hi Tyron,
      Its hard for me to say without seeing photos, I would encourage you to purchase a color consultation.

  17. Hi. For my new ho e I’m thinking simply white walls with chantilly trim. Going for a coastal feel but working a bit with what’s there. Floors are Brazilian cherry but we are having them refinished, ebony, dark brown. Area rugs are light colors, beige, whites, blues mix. Family room has a dark brown tile. I want a light color but not with a lot of yellow or blue/gray undertones. What will work best. I’ve tried a ton of samples so far.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Its hard for me to say without seeing photos, I would encourage you to purchase a color consultation.

    1. Either would work, but my recommendation is to test the colors. It also depends on your hard finishes.

  18. Hi Michelle, great article on white paints. I love the way that simply white looks. I have an east facing room with a lot of greenery outside (large cedar trees). My room is large… do you think it will work in this room? The trim on the windows is pure white (SW) that was matched by BM, and almost looks too white…. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      Its hard for me to say without seeing photos, I would encourage you to purchase a color consultation. I recommend that you test the paint color.

  19. Oh darn I thought I had the answer in Simply White until I read not to pair it with SW Very White trim. I’m building a ranch and it’s the last house in the development. The painter went ahead and painted all the trim and doors Very white. Like you I have a porch off the front of my house which is also the east side and the two bedrooms in the front are dark and so are the hallways. There are no windows in the hallways. I tried eight different paint swatches from grays to whites and could not find one that looked good. The bathrooms are also low light. Is there a white that works in low light rooms AND looks good with my trim? The main part of the home is open concept and Eider White reads very light grey and looks beautiful. Thank you for posting these blogs. They help so much!

    1. Do you mean Extra White instead of simply White? I couldn’t find very white anywhere. Its hard to say without seeing photos. This is pretty specific, so I’d want to see photos and get more info. Please consider a color consultation.

  20. I am strongly considering simply white. I have wide plank white oak floors (yellow tinge ) I face north with windows toward water and green mangroves. Its a condo bedrooms are on dark side. Kitchen cabinets are modern taupe/gray design with movement.
    coffee seems too yellow. Simply white has hint of yellow .
    Would this work with kitchen cabinets which are not surrounded by much wall.

    1. Hi Julia,
      Its hard to say without seeing photos. Please consider a color consultation for such a specific question.

  21. Thanks for the detailed write-up. If Simply White is a bit too yellow for our liking, can you suggest a white that is still warm but not as yellow? Basically like simply white with half the yellow tinting.

    1. Cloud White has a taupe undertone (not yellow). White Dove has slight yellow undertones but grayed out. Its hard for me to say if either would work without a full consultation.

  22. Great review, thank you! We are painting our cabinets white and I was thinking of going with Simply White. I was also going to go with BM Hale Navy for our island cabinetry. Our walls are painted in BM Pale Oak. What do you think of that combination?

  23. Man, I wish I would have found this article before painting my bedroom in Simply White! Yes, in some sunlight settings it appears white, but for the rest of the day the color is truly awful. Your photos with different lighting really help to capture the yellow-y ness of it, and it’s somehow a vibrant yellow, not warm or calming at all. I really advise everyone to steer clear of it, especially if you have any other whites in the room (eg. furniture, bedding) because the other whites will REALLY emphasize how yellow this paint is. Thank you for this article nonetheless!

  24. Hi, very interesting article, I am from the UK and very new to BM, as Dulux is the main go to paint here. I can confirm that the colour is impossible to duplicate here as well, it has a very green hue!
    I have a very dark room to decorate with very little natural light, as it is a basement flat. The living room has a large 1887c limestone fireplace and pine wooden floors, which white would you suggest to give a light and space ambiance, without it feeling cold. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    1. Hi Jacqueline,
      Its hard to recommend a paint color without having seen the space. Please consider a color consultation.

  25. Thanks for this very helpful post. I’m strongly considering Simply White for walls, trim, and ceilings. Walls and trim are currently Mayonnaise, which is a bit too yellow for my taste, although it is cheery for Seattle’s dark, rainy winters. I was wondering about the blue paint in your dining room — it’s very pretty.

    1. Hi Karen,
      The blue paint in my dining room is SW Granite Peak, and one of our favorites for accent walls and accent rooms such as the dining room. I love it because its a mid-toned blue that looks dark. Sometimes very dark blues can look like a black when you want a blue.

      1. I love it! Now I’m looking around to see where I could incorporate SW Granite Peak. One corner of the dining room is my WFH office and with our dark winters I need to keep that space light. But I’ve long considered painting the bathroom a dark blue above the tile/beadboard. I’m going to get a sample to try in different places.

  26. I have new dark brown oak flooring to be installed. I have chosen Simply white for my walls and picked Chantilly lace for trim. Do you think that combo will be ok? I noticed one of the pics in your article showed Extra white on the trim. I have a small condo with vaulted ceilings. Can I use basic ceiling white on the ceiling or should I use my wall color in matte?

  27. Hello! What an informative site.
    I bought my Simply White when I was going to use a quartz counter. I have now switched to Carrara Marble and realized after reading your post , the Simply White will not go. I did not realize the pics I saw online were brightened. I can definitely see the yellow tones in your pics. Can I take it to the paint store and have them adjust it to another white? It is a south facing room. Thanks in advance

  28. Hi Michelle, what a great post – thank you! This has been very helpful. I’ve been back and forth on Simply White vs Chantilly Lace for our main walls, and this post gave us our final decision.
    What I wanted to ask was the color of one of your walls in a photo along the staircase. It shows Simply white for the walls with the 3 windows, but across it looks as though there is an accent wall of a grey. Am I seeing that right? If so, I’d love to know what color that is. Thank you Marina.

  29. Hi Michelle, I love how bright Simply White is but I saw here that you don’t recommend Simply White for travertine floors. I have travertine tile floors that have that a slight pinkish beige color and I’m dying to update the look. I also plan to put in new kitchen cabinets in Sherwin Williams Sandbar. I have high ceilings with plenty of light, so what shade of white would you recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Hi,
    Thank you for the great article on Simply white, you explained it so well:) I’m wondering if you think Simply white trim would go with Benjamin moore’s Linen White walls? Or do you think White Dove or Cloud White would be better? Thank you!

    1. Simply would go well with Linen White! They both have a yellow undertone, but Linen is much darker. White Dove would be nice too, but it has much less white. Cloud White would be my last choice because it has taupe/pinkish undertones. You might not notice it much, but it wouldn’t be perfect. Don’t forget to test, test, test!

  31. This has been so helpful! Picking a white is way harder than I thought it would be!
    I am currently building a house and I have white cabinets and a dark grey island. We have Karlby (Ikea) butcher block counter tops. Would you advise against simply white walls? I see what you wrote about tuscan colours, and im just curious what your thoughts are with butcher block.
    If not simply white, what would you recommend?

    1. Hi Jen,
      Its hard for me to make a specific recommendation from a description. Please consider an Ask A Question package.

  32. Hi Michelle,
    Love all ur helpful info!!! Have been searching for white paint for over 3 months!!! Have a south west open concept room. Before we bought house, previous owner started remodeling & painted new cabinets valspar rabbits foot color! So what a challenge! I have picked atrium white for walls but struggling with trim ceiling & floors? We r painting floors through whole house cause I love painted floors & was wondering what color floors for this room? Considering chantilly lace for floors trim & ceiling??? It’s hard to coordinate all with cabinet color ? Ty! Lana

  33. This post is absolutely incredible! Thank you a million times over. You hit every question I had.. including northwestern light. We have an old home, 1890s and are trying to fix up our mishmashed spare room. The windows are SW and West(ish?). The light confused us so much and, to top it off, ceilings are low (6.5′)!
    SW alabaster was warm but dingy. Everything looks extra gray in this room bc of lighting. I just tried a sample of simply White on the wall after finding your post. Ultimately, I think I need something a bit darker in LRV (80ish?) But I keep running into too much gray. Would Cloud White or Swiss coffee work or am I wasting my paint sample money again?

    1. Hi Jen,
      Don’t worry that much about LRV; as you get to those brighter whites, warmth, and undertones are just as significant a consideration. I’ve seen really creamy colors, like Shell White with a bit higher LRV than Alabaster, that read much creamier. Why not test BM White Dove?

  34. I hope I like the paints I have selected. Inside walls, trim and cabinets will be Simply White. Living in Texas with the sun so bright, I think I will go with Extra White SW LRV 86. I just want an outside white that’s not blinding. Doors will be Tricorn Black. What do you think?

    1. I don’t recommend extra White as an exterior white – too cold and way too bright, especially in Texas. Colors in general look 4-5 times brighter outside than inside. Instead, consider a color like Greek Villa or Alabaster.Tricorn Black or Iron Ore front doors are lovely.

  35. Hi,

    I am planning to paint my walls Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground and leaning towards BM Simply White for ceiling and trim color.

    Flooring is a medium wood (vinyl) throughout the house.

    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated
    Thank you!

    1. This could be really nice but make sure that you test carefully to ensure Neutral Ground goes with your decor and hard finishes. Whatever you do, don’t let your paint store try to paint match Simply White. It could shift to green (I’ve seen it happen more than once).

  36. Wow! Thank you for this post. I’d decided on Simply White and wondered if I made the right choice. Your through post confirmed it and helped me figure out the appropriate sheens.

  37. Great post! This answered so many questions about SW. I am leaning towards it but still a little unsure. We have a timber frame house on a lake, and the timber as well as the window trim are quite yellow wood. I’m wondering if SW with yellow undertones will appear yellow. Also with a vaulted high ceiling will such a white (compared to White Dove) seem cold + sterile. There are south facing windows but only in summer gets direct sunlight.
    Thanks so much for your advice! Sue

  38. Such a terrific article! i have been PETRIFIED of choosing a white for my new condo and this has been super helpful. Now to find a gray carpet to go with Simply White. I have terrific fabricated wood floors in my open area lving room/dining room but need to carpet the bedrooms. I will be looking for a “warm” gray. Thank you!

  39. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you so much for providing such valuable information. I have an open floor plan house and want to paint my walls, trims, doors, ceiling and cabinets.
    I have chosen White dove for walls, Chantilly lace for trims, doors and ceiling and Simply white for my kitchen cabinets. My kitchen counter top is a grayish/silver/blue granite stone. Any advice on these colors?

  40. I wanted to use Simply White but wasn’t sure what sheen, so I purchased quart samples in both Matte and Flat. They are 2 different colors with 2 different formulas! And the flat is much more white! I went back to the paint store as I thought they made a mistake but was told that’s how Benjamin Moore does it. Very disappointed as I would have liked to use Matte on the walls and Flat on the ceiling but they need to be uniform.

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