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We are color consultants! A new build or a one-room update, we pick colors for beautiful, stress-free transformations with paint colors.  Our trained color consultants are friendly, professional and work in-person or online with email and photos. Every client gets a custom report for mistake-free results.


Michelle Marceny – Color Consultant

Meet Michelle, entrepreneur, founder and Color Consultant for The Color Concierge! Dedicated to her dream and courageous enough to make it a reality. Michelle started the company based on her passion for color and its ability to make a house a home. She is a recovering Engineer and has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.


Maddie Camilli – Color Consultant

Meet Maddie – an artist with a strong belief in the power of art, a deep admiration of nature and a fascination with storytelling. Maddie loves to play with colors and doesn’t consider her job as a color consultant work. She has a BFA in Studio Art / Art History from the University of Colorado.


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Both Michelle and Maddie are certified True Colour Experts

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