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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a paint color consultant? +

A paint color consultant is trained to see colors that will coordinate with your decor and hard finishes. We can very quickly identify the existing undertones and help you create the look and feel you want without testing many paint colors on the wall. When you hire a color consultant, you won’t need to re-paint your walls or live with carpet or counters that don’t look right. Check out the following article about color consultants.

Online Paint Color Consulting FAQs

Are you on a budget, far away, or need a fast turnaround? An Online Paint Color Consultation is perfect for you! We’ve answered the questions I get most often so you can start your Color Consultation with confidence.

When you’re ready for paint color consulting, you can book here.

We have completed thousands of color consultations.   

Years of experience give us a tremendous amount of insight into how colors behave in different types of rooms and lighting.

Photos taken with cell phones are more accurate than the human eye

Our online paint color consults, with questionnaires and your photos, are just as effective (or more) than in person. 

When you take your photos with natural light, you can clearly see the undertones of colors in your home. This allows us to put together beautiful color designs.

Even after an in-person consult, we review our work by analyzing the photos to double-check the undertones. 

Most importantly, after any consultation, we FedEx you FREE large color card samples from the manufacturers so you can see the colors in person. 

When you purchase a package, we send you an automated email that lists your next steps and how to get into the customer portal.  If you dont receive it within an hour, try this:

  1. Check your junk and spam email folders
  2. Check that youre using the same email account that you purchased your package with


There are some servers such as Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, and Outlook that sometimes block our email addresses.

If 2 hours have gone by, and you have checked your junk and spam folders, please send me an email at mi******@th***************.com so that I can get your questionnaire.

After you submit, you can add go back and add it to the questionnaire, but if we have already started your paint color consulting project, it may be too late.   Just link to the portal in your welcome email.

Please include all the information you want me to have when you fill out the questionnaire.  Don’t email any additional information unless we ask.  We get millions of emails a day and that extra information could get lost in the email noise.

After you finish your questionnaire and upload your photos, we will give you an option to meet with your designer.  Please save your questions until this meeting.  This is a cost-conscious service so we keep our interactions to a minimum.

Please refer to the product descriptions for details on each color consulting package.

Our lead time is shown on each of the product pages. After we get your questionnaire and photos, we will give you a final delivery date.

When we have time, occasionally we add an expedited add-on fee so that you can get your consultation in 1-2 business days.  If it isnt listed as an add-on, it means that we dont have time available for expedites.

For each exterior, room, or space, you get a Custom Color Report with:

  • Three beautiful color schemes.
  • For exteriors, you always get a mock-up color board that shows your chosen colors along with photos of your finishes for reference.  If you purchase an add-on for a photoshop rendering, that will be included in the report also.
  • Paint sheen (i.e. gloss, semi-gloss, satin, flat) based on your chosen paint brand (Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams).
  • Easy to use color charts for each room for your painter.
  • If you choose more than one space, we will tell you which palettes go best together.
  • Reasons for our choices
  • Other resources such as tips on how to test paint colors.

When something is out of stock, its because we are fully booked to be able to meet our deadlines.  We will open the color consulting package (or packages) when we are available.  Just keep checking!

In-Person Paint Color Consulting FAQs

Are you considering our paint color consultant services? We’ve answered the questions that we get most often so you can schedule your personal color consultation with confidence.

Schedule an in-home color consultation as follows: Schedule Online HERE or call 303-881-0709, or Contact Us on our website.

We charge by the project, and not by the hour.  The reason is that our total time is much more than our time on site because we complete your color consultation back at our studio.  At our studio, we review all the photos to check our work to make sure we didn’t miss anything.  We also take the time to complete your paint color consultation.  

We want our time together to be fun, and it’s hard to enjoy yourself when you are looking at your watch to see how much you will be charged.

The best way to see our current packages and fees is to link to our In-Person Paint Color Consulting page and link to the scheduler.  We have every package available with fees for your reference.  You can review these without making an appointment. 

You can reschedule or cancel through the Website Scheduler, or Contact Us.

We understand that plans change, but ask that you reschedule or cancel as soon as possible so that we can fill your slot with another appointment.

The only thing you need to do is to have the area you would like for us to look at available to enter.  Otherwise, we do the rest!

When we arrive on-site at the consultation, we work our magic! We tour the space with you, discuss your vision, listen carefully to your likes and dislikes, and look at options with our large color boards. We will take detailed notes and photos and discuss our recommendations, and why. We send you a Custom Color report within 24 hours of our visit.

Of course!  However, we usually narrow your options to one during our visit.

For each exterior or interior, you get a Custom Color Report with:

  • The paint color schemes that we chose together.
  • Paint sheen (i.e. gloss, semi-gloss, satin, flat) based on your chosen paint brand (Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams).
  • For exteriors, you get a mock-up color board that shows your chosen colors along with photos of your finishes for reference.  If you purchase an add-on for a photoshop rendering, that will also be included in the report.
  • Reasons for our choices
  • Other resources such as how to test paint colors and design tips.

Since we create the colors together, you will know the colors and plan before we leave your site.  Our final report will be emailed within three (3) business days after we meet.

Absolutely yes!  Just take photos of your color tests, and we will give you guidance.

Ready-Made Palettes FAQ

Anyone that is looking for a great color scheme with a limited budget.

If you are looking for a customized consultation, this is not the product for you. Instead, please order online or in-person consultation.

Link to the Refund page for more information.