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Kind Reviews from Clients

I am so happy with the result. In fact, I used them again to pick colors to repaint the cabinets in the home we are planning on selling in Texas. High praise!!!

We purchased a home in Florida and there was a lot going on in the kitchen. It was very dark and the backsplash did not match the countertop. I was so happy with the color recommendations that I got from The Color Concierge. They sent me multiple options with samples of color and tile.

I was spinning my wheels trying to find the perfect colors for my home exterior project. I had several in person consultations before finding The Color Concierge and they couldn’t get it quite right. Michelle is amazing! She understood what I wanted and worked with me until the design was exactly right. You won’t go wrong with The Color Concierge and the online consultation. Michelle gave suggestions that I never would’ve thought about. My colors are perfect and I owe it all to Michelle.
Michelle and Maddie did a fantastic job designing options for exterior of the house. I was concerned about the potential issues with a remote project but it went very smooth and the colors were perfect, integrating a unique roof and various types of bricks in a very complimentary way. Several neighbors noted that it is stunning and elegant and the director of the historic commission congratulated me on the choice. I used the report with the painters several times and Maddie’s mockups were invaluable in the process. I would highly recommend the Color Concierge to anyone!
Color Concierge’s renderings gave us renewed energy to restore our Victorian.
I honestly wasn't sure that a fully virtual color consult would work, but lo and behold Michelle identified the perfect color for the front portico on our house just based on a few photos and a questionnaire! The process is extremely simple and I could not be happier.
Response from the owner: Hi Maura,It was really great to work with you, and I'm so glad you love your project. I hope we get to work together again!Michelle
I'm painting almost every interior room and wanted complementary colors that weren't grey/ it was a daunting project. I received a full color report with multiple color palettes for each room (ceiling, walls, trim) that pictured my selected decor and/or inspiration photos. I loved receiving the large color card samples - it made it really easy for me! And we got on a call to talk about some details which was lovely. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone!
Response from the owner: Hi Sara,It was wonderful to work with you! Michelle
Maddie and Michelle did a great job picking out the paint color for our baby girl’s room! We wanted a light pink, but the team advised against the colors we had originally wanted because they would have been too intense. They recommended a much subtler pink that ended up being the perfect shade. These two definitely know their stuff!
Response from the owner: Thanks, Rebeca! It was so fun to work with you!
Virtual exterior paint consultations - I didn't even know this was a thing! But I'm so glad Google led me to the Color Concierge. We were having the most difficult time deciding on a paint palette and design for the exterior of our home, and the HOA's suggestions were uninspiring. Michelle worked with us to create a beautiful palette that met our desires as well as stayed cohesive with our HOA's design standards. She was also amazing at suggesting where exactly each paint should appear - in a way that felt streamlined and sharp, not haphazard like some exterior paint designs sometimes look. Our painting was recently completed and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I've already told a few people about the Color Concierge!
Response from the owner: Hi Erin,Thank you so much for your very kind words!!! It was a pleasure to work with you, and so glad your home looks fantastic.Michelle
We used Color Concierge back in 2020 and recently again and it was the BEST decision ever for our home. Michelle is a professional and a true expert. I also love that she takes the time to understand your preference/goal and works with you to help make a decision when it seems almost impossible to do alone. It was totally worth the small investment to get the right color/design of our exterior paint/home. I have no doubt I will be using Michelle and Color Concierge again in the future!
Response from the owner: Thank you so very much for your review! It is always a pleasure to work with you. 🙂
Money well spent! Fast turnaround and an excellent value. I loved the palettes you designed for me. They were a great help in selecting my final exterior paint colors.
Michelle made the process of selecting exterior paint colors so much easier! I was overwhelmed at the thought of picking colors that worked together with our brick and roof. The palettes that she provided were beautiful. The video consult was extremely helpful in answering questions and making some adjustments. I now have confidence that my house will look amazing!Thank you Michelle! Great service and great value!!!
I've been struggling for months to pick the colors for our new home build and I found Michelle at The Color Concierge! She provided me with color palettes that complement each other based off my inspiration photos. Also, the 30 minute consultation to talk things over was an added bonus. Take some stress off yourself and let Michelle help you with your color selections.
Response from the owner: Thanks Melissa! It was really great to work with you.Michelle
Working with Michelle was amazing! It was such an easy process finding the right colors for my house and hearing her input. She was always so quick to get back to me and was up for discussion about the colors she recommended if I had any questions. Just waiting on painters to come out and paint now! 🙂 Would highly recommend!
Working with the Color Concierge was a great experience. They provided us color palettes for the exterior of our home, and we can't be more thrilled with the result. From the initial process of filling out a questionnaire to exchanging emails and pictures and zoom meetings, it was a fun and enjoyable process. Most impressive though, was how well they listened to what we thought we wanted. We ended up selecting a palette we couldn't have imagined, but they were right, it looks beautiful, it is perfect for this setting and is the look we were going for.
Michelle is a master of interior design. She knew exactly the palette I was looking for in my house. Sometimes you need an expert to guide you in the right direction for paint colors in regards to amount of light, window facing direction and furnishing style. I can't thank her enough!
Response from the owner: Thanks, Holly! It was a pleasure to work together.Michelle
Michelle was a great help with choosing colors for my Victorian home. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Thanks, Brian! Your house looks amazing. Great teamwork, too!Michelle
Reached out to the Color Concierge for help with our entire home remodel and had such a great experience. Michelle was amazing to work with. She brought concept to reality for us. She provided direction and much needed advice as well. Would highly recommend their services. I’m a repeat customer and will be recommending to friends and family.
Response from the owner: Thanks, Katherine! It was such a pleasure to work with you.Michelle
I was struggling to choose colors for my home and did not have faith that what I chose would be esthetically pleasing to the eye once it was completed, so I decided to invest a little money into paying a color expert to help me. Boy was it worth the money! Michelle was a pleasure to work with. I was only expecting three color palettes but she gave me 4 to choose from! I loved knowing that I couldn't go wrong with her advice. I wanted to update a very traditional-styled house to look more modern while still respecting the architectural style of the home. I think Michelle hit the nail on the head. I had lots of follow-up questions but she never made me feel like I was inconveniencing her. I am very happy with our final product and would highly recommend Michelle and her company to anyone!
I had tremendous success working with Michelle and Maddie at The Color Concierge. I was very pleased with the guidance and help that they give!I had decided to paint the pine wainscotting white in my kitchen and den (circa 1958) and had no idea what might work.Just by sending details, taking the right pics and etc. in the right light to show the team, the folks at The Color Concierge were able to give me three possibilities of colors for these two rooms.They also factored in the colors of the furniture and rugs I already had so I didn't have to purchase new.I really liked the idea that my choices weren't completely taken away by consulting a designer, but with their guidance, I had three possibilities that would work well. Ultimately the choice I made from their suggestions worked really, really well.May I suggest if you would like to see some of their work, check them out on thecolorconcierge on Instagram and view some of their interior and exterior "before" and "afters". Thanks to Michelle and her team!!
Response from the owner: Hi Lisa,Thank you so much for this very thoughtful review. It means so much to us and we loved working with you too.Thank you,Michelle
Our consultation with Michelle was worth every penny - the value she provided to our process was incredible. We made a subtle change but had no idea how to pick the right combination of colors. I would recommend that anyone who is embarking on this process, work with Michelle to get her input. She provided multiple options and with amazing visuals. She gave us the confidence we needed to proceed. See before and after below.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Sarah! It was a pleasure to work together on the project, and you home looks stunning.
Michelle Marceny provided a very quick turnaround to a consult on the interior paint colors for a home we had recently purchased. We were down to the wire to provide the painters the color scheme and needed some professional design assistance. Michelle was able to do a virtual consult with video and photos, and turn around recommendations very quickly. All of the color selections turned out beautifully!
Response from the owner: Hi Patty,Thank you so much for your kind review. It was a pleasure to work with you!Michelle
Very happy with the outcome of our exterior paint job. Thanks to Michelle who provided me with options and lots of conversation back-and-forth. She was extremely professional and responsive .
I used Color Concierge to help me pick out an inside paint color for my house. They went beyond my expectations and the color turned out perfect. They were fast, reliable, and really listened to the vision I had for my house. I would definitely recommend them. If you are lost at picking paint colors just like I am then I wouldn’t wait any longer. The help saved me so much stress.
Response from the owner: Hi Amy,It was a pleasure to work with you too! Your house looks amazing, and thank you so much for your kind words.Michelle
Michelle is a true artist and professional.I am in California, so Michelle did my entire consultation on-line.I emailed Michelle pictures of my home while we were still in the RENOVATING stage and she chose the perfect colors for my 2000 sq foot home.I have an older home, and I wanted to maintain the style and feel of an older, classic home. Michelle chose colors for every room, so that each room has personality, but also blends harmoniously with the entire house. I sent Michelle some Pinterest pictures, so she could see the aesthetic that I was going for and she nailed the Coastal Chic vibe that I wanted.Michelle contacted me thru email, text and phone call. I felt like she was right with me--especially on the actual painting day.I LOVE the look of my house, and I am so grateful that Michelle made my dream home a reality.Thank you Michelle for your fabulosity!I will be back for the exterior in a few years!
Response from the owner: Hi Janice,It was such a pleasure to work with you. I can't wait to see your photos! Thank you so much for this kind review, I really appreciate it.Michelle
Wow! Michelle is a consummate professional. We found ourselves struggling to choose between whites as we wanted an updated, fresh neutral white look to our house. When we asked her to come over, she offered a full service color consultation that put us on the right path for a rather expensive project of 5,000+ square feet of paint and new furniture.The minute she arrived, we knew immediately we were in good hands. She had a firm grasp on the desired look we were going for, and she brought a bit of simple complexities to the naturals by adding pops of color throughout. She is so skilled, that she knows exactly the ceiling color and trim color, and will not let you overlook even these small details. She set our painter straight just in time from "Ceiling White" to "Pure White" and the change is already dramatic and critical to our paint project (we've seen the difference in the rooms although paint project still going on).I have made the mistake of trying to go alone before, whether it was one bedroom or a house I owned in the past. I will never make the mistake again. The value Michelle offers is unparalleled in the design world and she will be the first person I call when we go to tackle any future remodels, or painting projects (large or small).Once the project done, ETA March 2023, I will post pics!
I used The Color Concierge's virtual consultation services twice in the past year and they were absolutely fabulous. Both Michelle and Maddie were super responsive and immensely helpful. I was blown away by the colors they recommended once the painting was finished.Painting is a significant enough investment of time and money that you might as well get the colors right the first time. The Color Concierge helped me do that and proved to be a worthwhile investment. I will continue to use them for any future projects.
Response from the owner: Hi Justin,Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you, and I'm so glad that you love the results!Michelle
It was such a pleasure working with The Color Concierge to select paint colors for the interior of my home. I struggled to find colors that worked for the north facing living room on my own, but Michelle worked diligently with me to make sure that The Color Concierge presented me with color options that matched the vision I had for my home. She and Maddie were always responsive and available to assist throughout the process and went above and beyond to consider the best overall look for our home.
Response from the owner: Hi Christy,Thank you so much for your kind review. It was a pleasure to work with you, and I'm so glad that you are happy with your new color palette!
Maddie with the Color Concierge helped pick out paint colors for a difficultly lit 18th century home. We are so pleased with the results and would absolutely recommend this service if you are having trouble choosing colors!
Response from the owner: Hi Carole, thank you so much!Maddie
I highly recommend The Color Concierge. Maddie and Michelle helped me select exterior paint colors and siding for my 120 yr old Victorian home. After getting a sense for my style preferences (based on my Color Quiz and Pinterest pics), Maddie sent me a detailed report with four color combination options. The report was incredibly thorough and included color drawings of my house that made it easy to imagine each of the recommended combinations. They shared smart tips for how to evaluate colors and sent large (8.5 x 11) color card samples to my home which were GREAT (those tiny squares from the paint store aren't so helpful). Once I narrowed down to my preferred direction, Maddie helped me land on a final color combination and sent an updated set of drawings. Maddie and Michelle also helped me select the color of my replacement siding to be sure it all worked together.Give yourself some time to go through this process before your contractor starts, ideally a couple of weeks (for a large exterior project like mine). While Color Concierge is very fast, it took me some time to make my decisions and get to my final choices.Considering the overall investment to update my exterior, the money I spent with Color Concierge was well worth it. I would have been lost without them and would definitely use them again for another paint project.
I can’t speak highly enough of the service we received from Maddie at The Color Concierge. Having a digital consultation for exterior color selection was a bit nerve-wracking, but it ended up being worth every dollar! The questionnaire they sent was comprehensive, their responses were prompt, and we liked all of our options. The large color swatches they sent us were very high quality and helped us visualize our options better so that we only had to purchase 2 sample paints to test out. When you invest that much money and time painting it is imperative to be confident in your color selection, and The Color Concierge provided just that. Our house went from dated pink motel to a green mid-century modern dream. We love it!
I learned about The Color Concierge through Pinterest. I saw some of their exterior home color suggestions which led me to their website. It’s really easy to navigate their website and choose which services you need. I needed help picking new trim color and a new door color to go with existing siding on my 1961 Cape Cod. I wanted my home to feel classic yet modern. I filled out a questionnaire online and uploaded photos of my house. Within a few days, I received a very professional looking color report for my home. It showed my home with its original exterior colors and then reimagined with 6 different color palette options. I was blown away by the quality and detail of the color report. Maddie was easy to reach by email whenever I had a question or needed clarification. The Color Concierge absolutely gave me the confidence to choose the right colors for the exterior of my home. Money well spent; I would use them again without hesitation. Highly recommended. Thank you Maddie and Michelle!
Michelle,Yet another neighbor has stopped by to tell us that the new house colors are stunning (Benjamin Moore Newburg Green!)We couldn't agree more.Thanks again for a great job in helping us pick exterior paint colorsTom & Jennifer
Response from the owner: Hi Tom and Jennifer,I am so excited about your house. it was a pleasure working with you, and I'm so glad you picked that color scheme. It wasn't as safe as the other one we looked at, but I knew this would be spectacular! And thank you so much for your kind words.Michelle
We hired the Color Concierge to help us choose exterior paint for our house. The entire process was so quick and easy. We submitted our request and within a week had several fantastic exterior paint options tailored to our specific taste, house shape, and neighborhood. Michelle and Maddie were very responsive and thoughtful to my numerous questions along the way. The colors they helped us select have completely revitalized our home and made it something I'm really proud to show off. Worth every penny-hire these folks!
We are so happy with our results from The Color Concierge's Online Exterior Color Package - the six different palette choices, report presentation, painting detail instructions, and finished look on our house are all superb!Thanks - we will use your design expertise again!
Michelle was so helpful and generous with her thoughts on how to optimize the feel of our home. I loved working with her and bonding over our mutual love of Farrow and Ball! She really got our vibe and made selections that work for both our taste in general and this space in particular.
Provided renderings with different color palette options. Professional and responsive throughout the entire process. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking help with deciding which color to paint a home.
Extremely quick and very helpful, I recommend this business for anyone looking for ideas for an exterior painting project. We were very undecided, but their recommendations put us on the right path to what we really needed.
Response from the owner: Hi Ken,Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you and your wife.Michelle
I have worked with Michelle on a number of painting projects both interior and exterior and have always been so pleased with her color selections. She has an amazing eye for color and really takes into account your goals for the project. I can’t recommend Michelle and the Color Concierge highly enough.
I used the Color Concierge to help me select interior colors for all the walls in a new house. I am terrible at picking colors, but picky enough to be unhappy when I choose them myself. I’ve had OK experiences with consultants helping me select colors, but nothing like the great experience with Color Concierge. They picked up when I called, showed up on time for our site visit, offered the project at a fixed cost in advance, and in 3 hours of working with me in the house we’d selected colors for primary walls and highlight walls. They worked with my general preferences, but then helped select specific colors for each to the various types of floors, cabinets, tiles, counters, and lighting in each rooms. Their product, delivered in 2 days, was a pictorial overview of the house that showed each room with an example patch the color selected (primary and highlight wall), and a package of large paint samples for each color. We wound up with a few more colors that I’d hoped, so they combined a couple of the initial selections, and provided a revised report as part of the initial fee. Their price was very reasonable, and a way better value than I’ve ever received previously for color consulting. The overall experience was fantastic!
We purchased a home in Florida and there was a lot going on on the kitchen. It was very dark and the backsplash did not match the countertop. I was so happy with the color recommendations that I got from The Color Concierge. They sent me multiple options with samples of color and tile. I am so happy with the result. In fact, I used them again to pick colors to repaint the cabinets in the home we are planning on selling in Texas. High praise!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you.Michelle
Nothing but amazing things to say! I had been wanting to paint our exterior trim for a while and just didn't know where to go/look. Paint colors are hard and these women are the real deal! 100% worth the value and we are thrilled with our new colors and the investment!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Lauren! We loved working with you and your house looks amazing.Michelle
We are having the exterior of our old Victorian house that we purchased painted—it is currently all brown. We knew that we wanted a color scheme that would highlight the beautiful detailed woodwork on our home, but wouldn’t be busy. We had ideas, but we were really struggling with color selection and placement, and we couldn’t visualize what colors would look like on our home. We reached out to Maddie and Michelle, based on the reviews and examples of their work that we found online. I am SO glad that we did! Not only did they put together a professional and comprehensive report, they gave us several color palette options that really incorporated the ideas and preferences we had. The end result is that we have the perfect colors for our home, and a detailed plan to give our painters—plus we were able to visualize the final result of colors because we were given virtual renderings of the colors on a photo of our house. For us, the whole process was done online with photos. It was easy, fun, and a great value-especially because we are now confident in the colors we are having put on our house, which is a big investment! I highly recommend the Color Concierge, this is a very professional company that is responsive, talented, and provide an exceptional service. We will definitely consult with them again before our next painting project!
Response from the owner: Hi Emily,Thank you so much for your wonderful review! It was a pleasure to work with you. Maddie and I had several wonderful and fun discussions about how to make your home perfect, and knowing you love it makes those moments even more special. We can't wait to see your house when its done!Michelle
The Color Concierge’s advice took our extremely ugly building and advised us on colors, all online from photos, and the result was amazing — looked like a completely different building. We are getting $500 a month more in rent now, and the units rent instantly, which wasn’t the case when the. building was ugly. They really went above and beyond, even letting us know after they gave us their color advice to say they wanted to tweak one of the colors after sleeping on it. We would NEVER have picked these colors without them and the colors are perfect! see After (blue doors) and Before photos attached.
Response from the owner: Hi Susan,Thank you so much for your kind review. It was so fun to work with you, and the photos are amazing. Its also great that your rent has gone up! I LOVE the blue doors. Have a wonderful day!Michelle and Maddie
Michelle took time to hear what my vision for my cabinets were, what my fixed elements were. Her top four picks were wonderful, and she took time looking at all four of them and helped me be confident in the color we chose! I love how my laundry room turned out! It was so nice that she made a little “rendering” with my fixed elements in the room so I could see each cabinet color in play! I will use her again with questions asked if/when I need a paint color for our home! Thank you! -Nicole Plemel
I recently had a consult with Michelle and Maddie from The Color Concierge and could not be more please with their work and expertise! They are so knowledgeable in the work they do, and passionate about color! They were able to help me select some truly wonderful colors for both the exterior and interior of my home, something that had previously seemed like a very daunting task. They provided me with a detailed report that made it easy to pass along to our painters. In addition to their great work with colors, they were on time, responsive to email, and just nice people! I would highly recommend using them if you need help with colors for your home.
Response from the owner: Hi Alice,It was such a pleasure to work with you, and we can't wait to see the results!Michelle and Maddie
We worked with Maddie on a color exterior scheme for our new house and she did a wonderful job! She provided several different color pallets for us that we would have never come up with on our own. We went with one of them and we have received several compliments. One neighbor even commented that they could tell we hired a separate consultant as it was well thought out as compared to our neighbors’ standard builder exterior color palettes. Highly recommend The Color Concierge!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you, and we are so glad that you like your house. It makes such a difference to drive up to a home that you love.
Thank god we hired The Color Concierge! We were doing a fairly expensive paint and stucco project and it would all have been for naught if the color palette wasn't well considered. So I looked for help online and found these guys. We did all of the work remotely. They were responsive, flexible, gave us several options and revisions, worked through questions with us, etc. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
I was searching for professional advice on updating the looks of the outside of my home. I got most professional assistance from “The Color Concierge” services. They asked questions of my color preferences, shades, etc and laid out a number of options for me. I asked for a photoshop shop rendering. After the photoshop rendering I asked for one more slight change and got the new rendering in less then one day. It was just perfect and I am now moving ahead to implement their recommendations.Needless to say I am very pleased with the services Maddie provided and would highly recommend this company
The Color Concierge is exactly what I needed: a fabulous color consultation (for my kitchen cabinet refinishing project), and precise instructions for the next leg of the work, seamlessly, expertly, and efficiently. The results definitely exceeded my expectations- from how fast I received the report, and how perfect the color options I received were. I am a complex color case. I am waiting on the color samples to try out in my space. I didn’t have to order them myself. The report came with precise instructions to proceed. I didn’t know there was a right and wrong way to test colors! I feel confident now about moving forward. Its a fantastic value: a no brainer to use this service. I will definitely use the Color Concierge for the rest of the house. Use them- you won’t regret it!
Response from the owner: Hi Elizabeth,It was a pleasure to work with you, and I can't wait to work together again in the future. Thank you so much for your kind words. We take great pride in our service to customers.Michelle
I had a wonderful experience with the Color Concierge. They were responsive to my initial request and all of my follow up questions. The colors they picked for the exterior of my house were all spot on and the end result is beautiful. I'll be using them again for the interior of my house. Recommend!



Michelle Marceny in Boulder, CO on Houzz
Michelle Marceny in Boulder, CO on Houzz


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Driven to help clients fall back in love with their homes with intentional paint color schemes. She started the company based on her passion for color and its ability to make a house a home.

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