Winning Strategies For How to Use Black Paint

Rooms with Black Paint are a New Trend Black paint has become a popular neutral in our quiver of colors, but there are some strategies to keep it balanced. If used properly, black paint acts as a picture frame for the colors in your room.  If used incorrectly, it can look heavy and claustrophobic. An entire home with a black interior would be grim, but a single room makes a great statement! My den was recently updated with black paint and was surprised by how rich and inviting it made the room.  Our home is often used as a lab to more

6 Secrets to Carrara Marble Counters you Never Knew

Carrara marble counters are amazing, and I love them in our kitchen.  After living with them for a year, I have no regrets.  They are simply beautiful, and their imperfection makes them look loved and lived in. Carrara marble kitchen countertops are a classic choice for a timeless kitchen. In this article, we discuss why Carrara marble counters are the best choice for bakers, how to fabricate and install for success, cleaning guidelines, how to fix chips, and best matching colors for paint and countertops. Italian homeowners and restauranteurs have been using Carrara marble for tables and counters for more

12 Timeless Kitchen Finishes you Can’t Afford to Miss

This kitchen remodel has 12 timeless kitchen finishes to increase the value of the house.  The kitchen is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It was featured in Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, and one year later, it is still a practical and functional space. The kitchen designer was Second Nature Interiors. White Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors – Kitchen cabinets are the backbone of your kitchen, and white is the most classic color. Choose white uppers if you decide on Tuxedo Cabinets like we did. We chose Greenfield Cabinetry with Glacier uppers to match the true more

The Secrets for How to Test Paint Colors Are Revealed

What if you could accurately test paint colors before you invest your time, energy and hard cold cash on a new paint job? We can help you test your paint colors to avoid expensive mistakes. 1. Use a painted poster board to evaluate paint colors instead of a paint swatch. Undertones are much easier to see when you use a poster board instead of a tiny paint swatch.  The poster board should be at least 8.5 x 11, and bigger is better. Make sure that the poster board has 2 coats of paint.Small paint swatches don’t have enough surface more

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