Color Palettes from Magnolia Market at the Silos

I recently visited Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, TX.  I have to be honest that I was with my daughter in Dallas, and we didn’t have anything else to do.  We had such a great time that we returned a month later to get more pictures.

This complex is a beautiful place created from and Industrial and forgotten slice of a small town.  Every corner of Magnolia Market is a party for the eyes and a photo-opp for anyone with a mobile phone.

Joanna Gaines and her team really know their craft.

White Kitchen Cabinets, Greenfield Cabinets, Marble Counters, Timeless Kitchen Finishes

12 Timeless Finishes for a Classic Kitchen

The goal for this 2017 kitchen remodel was to keep the design as timeless as possible to increase the value of the house.  The kitchen is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It was featured in Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, and one year later, it is still a practical and functional space.

  1. White Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors – Kitchen cabinets are the backbone of your kitchen, and white is the most classic color. Choose white uppers if you decide on Tuxedo Cabinets like we did. We chose Greenfield Cabinetry with Glacier uppers to match the true white wood molding colors in the house, and Cyberspace (SW 7076) lower cabinets.  Greenfield Cabinetry offers an affordable option, built from solid wood.  I consider them a moderately priced yet high quality alternative.  If you want a timeless kitchen, you should have cabinets that will last. Otherwise, why bother?
    White cabinets with glass doors are classic and timeless


  2. Smart Storage Solutions–  Consider KornerKing aftermarket storage solutions for your base corner cabinets.  They have drawers and also spin like a lazy susan with storage bins on the side to maximize storage space.

    Timeless kitchens, corner cabinet solution, Kornerking
    Kornerking corner cabinet solution

    Kornerking, Corner Cabinets, Timeless Kitchen
    Kornerking cabinet drawers
  3. Carrara Marble Counters – These are absolutely gorgeous, and have been used in Italian kitchens for a thousand years. For American homeowners they are either a work of art that gets lovingly cared for, or a complete hassle to maintain.  They are not always as palatable to American designers because of the patina and etching they develop.  My review of the Carrara Marble countertops is here.  If you don’t want the upkeep, you can always choose a quartz version. The cost is on the low end of the granite scale.

    Marble counters, timeless finishes
    Marble counters
  4. Thomas O’Brien Hicks Small Pendants – How I adore these lights. They are like jewelry! When they arrived, I opened the box gleefully, and the first thing I saw were the rectangular links on the pendant chain. The links are RECTANGLES!  So beautiful.  I was worried about using them because you see them so often on Pinterest.  I looked through my local Zillow listings, and did not see them anywhere. Best splurge ever!

    Thomas O’Brian Hicks Small Pendant
  5. Mid-Toned Hardwood Floors – Mid-toned stain is the most classic and timeless color for wood floors. We replaced charcoal tile floors with stained #1 Red Oak hardwood.  The stain was 50/50 Minwax Classic Gray and Jacobean.  Make sure that you test combinations in place on the floor you will stain for exactly the right color.

    MinWax, Jacobean, Classic Gray
    Mid-toned wood floors are timeless
  6. White Subway Tile – I resisted subway tile as a design choice, but we chose it because we ran out of money. This has become one of my favorite parts of the kitchen, which has Western exposure.  No one ever told me how the subway tile sparkles as the sun hits it in the afternoon.  We used Daltile White Rittenhouse 3X6 Subway tile from Home Depot. There is no doubt that this is a timeless finish.

    Timelss finishes, subway tile backsplash
    Subway tile backsplash just sparkles!
  7. Cabinet Pulls – We chose Restoration Hardware Asbury Satin Nickel Pulls 6” pulls for the smaller drawers and cabinets, and 8” pulls for the larger ones. I had Restoration Hardware knobs for 18 years in my old kitchen, and repurposed in the laundry room and other bathrooms.  They never showed wear, and I simply got tired of them.  They have another 20 years of life to them. The new pulls will last for at least twenty years. They are solid and beautiful.

    Asbury Pulls
    Restoration Hardware Asbury Pull
  8. Farmhouse Sink – I chose a Kohler Whitehaven farmhouse sink because the design is really practical and gets the person that is doing dishes closest to the sink. We chose a 33” sink because it matched the largest cabinet we could fit.  It is big enough to hide all of your dishes, including cookie sheets and roasting pans if you don’t get to them.  I clean it with Comet bleach.  I had a Koehler 2-basin sink with the same finish for 15 years, and I scrubbed it with powdered bleach cleanser every day.

    Koehler Whitehaven Apron-Front Kitchen Sink, Short Apron
  9. Faucet – I bought a Kraus KPF-2130 Stainless Steel Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet in 2012, and I kept it for the remodel.  It has been dependable and beautiful, and the price is right on for $155.00. This was a great purchase, and I bought the dispenser to match. It comes with a limited lifetime warrantee, and they have already replaced the faucet head.  It has great water pressure.

    Kraus KPF-2130 Stainless Steel Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet
  10. Ceilings – Ceilings were painted with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (OC-65) with flat finish, to match the Greenfield Cabinet Glacier White color. The white-on-white transitions between ceiling and crown molding add subtle texture.
  11. Electric Outlets – These should be low to keep plugs hidden, and include USB ports for modern devices.

    Timeless finishes, kitchen electrical outlets, subway tile backsplash, USB ports in kitchen
    Electrical outlets are placed low on backsplash and include USB ports for modern electronics
  12. Stainless Steel Appliances – Many have predicted the end of stainless steel, but it is here to stay.  Stainless looks beautiful with Carrara marble.  We picked all stainless appliances, and I expect them to be stylish for long after they wear out.  I picked Kitchenaid refrigerator, oven/microwave combo and cooktop, and a Bosch dishwasher.

If you have any doubts about how classic these finishes are, take a look at this ubiquitous kitchen from “Something’s Got to Give”, a classic movie from 2003.  It is as beautiful today as it was then.

Somethings Gotta Give
“Something’s Gotta Give” Kitchen (2003) from Modern Country Style Blog


Note: We are completely brand neutral, and we paid for all of these finishes.  We did not receive any compensation from vendors.

If you would like help choosing your kitchen finishes, Contact Us.  The Color Concierge is here to help you choose beautiful classic finishes.

6 Lessons for Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertops

I love the Carrara Marble countertops in my kitchen.  After living with them for a year, I have no regrets.  They are simply beautiful, and their imperfection makes them look loved and lived in. Carrara marble kitchen countertops are a classic choice for a timeless kitchen.

In this article, we discuss why Carrara marble is the best choice for bakers, how to fabricate and install for success, cleaning guidelines, how to fix chips, and best matching colors for paint and countertops.

Italian homeowners and restauranteurs have been using Carrara marble for tables and counters for thousands of years, and when you visit Italy, they are everywhere.

One of my favorite Carrara marble examples is in Pizzeria Locale in Boulder, CO. They use beautiful Cararra Marble for their tables and pizza counter.

Marble Counter pros and Cons
Pizzeria Locale in Boulder, CO has beautiful Carrara Marble table tops and counters.

The pizza counter is used and abused all day long, and I fell in love with it.  Before I saw this workhorse restaurant marble countertop, it was really hard to see what “etching” and “chips” would look like.

Marbele Counter
Chipped edges on marble counter are difficult to see and add character

I asked the waitress how they clean it, and she said she was diligent about wiping up spills, but chips do happen, and all it does is add to the personality and patina of the finish. They clean with soapy water and wipe with clean dishtowels.

Carrara marble one of the least expensive stone countertop materials because of plentiful supply.  Quartz makes a good replacement, but it doesn’t have the cool feel of marble, and its just not the same. Marble is perfect for bakers that make pies and bread because of the cold surface temperature.

 1. Marble counters stay cold, for better baking.

Marble is a dense, hard stone, so it conducts heat differently than other surfaces.   It has a high thermal mass, which means it can keep its temperature easier than other materials.  The counters actually stay at room temperature which feels cold to the touch because it is cooler than body temperature.

This is important because marble is an excellent surface for baking and kneading pie and bread dough.  The marble can absorb heat from the dough without getting warm itself.  Plus, it feels really good when you touch it.

Marble counters, baking, marble pros and cons
Marble counters are perfect for bakers.

2.  How you finish and fabricate marble is important.

Marble Kitchen Counter Installation

Choose a honed finish to minimize visual impact of etching.  You will occasionally end up with an etch finish, from spilled wine, lemon, vinegar or any other acid.  The contrast will be much less with a honed finished than with a polished finish.

Marble eased edge
Marble countertop with eased edge

Choose an eased edge for a simple finish.  Chips will not be as obvious and will seem like part of the plan.

Have your marble fabricator seal the stone with a 15 year marble sealer.  You will probably need to seal again, but this is not a place to scrimp.

3.  Clean with soapy water for best results.

For everyday cleaning, I wipe the counters down with a wet paper towel – I don’t trust sponges because of potential bacterial contamination. Then, dry with a clean soft kitchen towel.  Water is the universal solvent, and does an amazing job for daily clean-up.

I clean with soapy water weekly, and rinse with water. Fill a plastic spray bottle with water and a tablespoon of dishsoap.  Spray onto the counters, and wipe with a wet paper towel.  Dry with a clean soft kitchen towel.  There are marble cleaners on the market, but I really prefer the most natural alternative to avoid build-up on the surfaces. In the case of marble, simple soap and water is more effective anyway.

DO NOT use acidic cleaners with vinegar, orange, lemon or lime juice, or any other acidic ingredients because it will etch the marble surface.

Occasionally I find a stain from tomatoes, oil or even curry.  I can easily remove stains with a baking soda and water paste that I leave overnight.

4.  Protect your counters.

Use trivets or oven pads to protect the surface.  Marble is heat resistant (like quartz or granite), but accidents can happen if there are temperature extremes between the surface and a pot.

Don’t forget coasters to protect from drinks.  As I tell my family, this is a house not a fraternity.

As with any other hard surface, use cutting boards to protect from knives.

5.  Chips in marble aren’t a big deal compared to quartz or granite surfaces.

Chips happen with every hard counter surface.  Unlike granite or quartz I don’t need to call in a fabricator or buy expensive kits to fix the damage. I can simply sand the edges and consider it character.  After seeing the beautiful counters at Pizzeria Locale, I’m very happy to just sand the rough edges and accept that chips will happen.  If I’m lucky, my counter will one day look like the counters at Pizzeria Locale.

Marble pros and cons
Chips on marble counter add to character

6.  Cool colors for walls and cabinets look best with marble.

Stonington Bray Benjamin Moore HC-170
Stonington Bray Benjamin Moore HC-170


The best neutrals for marble are cool grays such as BM Stonington Gray (HC-170), and Wickham Gray (HC-171). Avoid warmer neutrals such as greige, beige and warmer taupes.

Chantilly Lace
Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore OC-65

The best whites are blue whites such as Benjamin Moore White Diamond (OC-61) and true whites such as Chantilly Lace (OC-65). Off-whites can work too if they are not too warm or dark.  Stay away from darker and warmer whites and creams.

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore HC164
Hale Navy Benjamin Moore HC164


Blues and blacks such as Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC-164), Carbon Copy (2170-10), Onyx (2133-10) and blue-greens such as Gentleman’s Gray(1061-20) are the best colors.  Reds, yellows and warm greens (with alot of yellows in them) should be avoided.

Articles about Marble Countertops

In case you want to read more about marble and haven’t decided to install yet, you can research with the following articles:

The Verdict

I love my marble countertops, and they are perfect for our blended family with 5 teenagers and young adults.  They are used constantly by many people for many uses, from baking, cleaning and cooking to using the island counter as a home office.

Marble Counter Island, Backsplash, Marble Pros and Cons
Marble Counter Island

For homeowners they are either a work of art that gets lovingly cared for, or a complete hassle to maintain.  They are not always as palatable to homeowners that expect their counters to look as new as the day they were installed because of the patina and etching they develop.

If you have questions about colors or countertop choices, Contact Us.  We help you choose finishes with virtual E-Color consultations, or in person in the Denver Metro Area.

6 Guidelines to Test Perfect Paint Color

You want to paint a room and have agonized about the perfect color. You narrowed your choices down to three possibilities, and you simply can’t decide!

The next logical step is to test the paint colors in the room to make the perfect choic.

1. Use a painted poster board with a white edge.
Make sure that the poster board has 2 coats of paint, and a 2 inch white edge that surrounds the color. Small paint swatches don’t have enough surface area to see enough of the undertones, and they look different than the paint board.

Paint swatch is darker than the painted sample board

When you paint on the wall without a white background, the existing color distorts the view, and you can’t see how it relates with other parts of the room.

2. Make sure that the surfaces in the room are clean.
Sometimes a color looks dingy because its dirty, not because its the wrong color for the room.  I recommended a wall color once for a bathroom. When the client moved in, they steam cleaned the floor tile, and it changed from pink beige to bright white, and we had to repaint.

3. Move the poster board around the room
View the color next to hard finishes, furniture and art. Make sure that it looks right on every wall.

4. Give yourself at least one day to make your decision.
Look at the color at different times of day. Morning, noon and evening light varies and can make the color look different.

5. Orient the poster the same way it will exist in the room. For example, if its going on the wall, look at the sample in the vertical position.


6. Test the color after lighting in the room has been finalized.
Lighting can really change depending on what type of light you have in the room. Whether its an LED with warm or cold light, or an extra lamp in the corner. Light always affects color.

A color test can be easy and accurate if you follow these steps!

For a local color consultation in Boulder County, CO, the Denver Metro Area, or a remote E-Color consultation with pictures, contact us!

Let the Color Concierge be your guide to the Perfect Color!