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Our 7 Favorite Benjamin Moore Whites (and How to Use Them)

White paint colors are beautiful and continue to be a go-to trend. We often get asked about our favorite whites, so we thought we’d share our picks for the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors (and how to use them).

A white kitchen with one of the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors.

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In the last few years, white paint colors for homes have become a mainstream trend. They look crisp and clean, and when you paint your house, it feels like a beautiful, clean bath.  They became most famous when design bloggers started posting Instagram photos with bright white backgrounds because they looked so good!  White paint choices may seem easy, but they can go wrong fast.

The question is, which white to use?  If you use the wrong white, the paint color could either look like primer, or your walls could look dirty.

As a homeowner, whites can look shockingly stark after you first paint your walls.  To avoid what I call “White Freak-out” after you paint your walls, recognize that the room will make much more sense after you move your art and furniture back into the room.

According to Benjamin Moore, White Dove is their most popular white paint color. This warm white paint color is versatile enough to be used in many spaces throughout the home.

We’ll share more about White Dove and the other best Benjamin Moore white paint colors throughout the rest of this post. Keep reading to explore them all!

What are the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors?

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (BM OC-65)

A swatch of BM Chantilly Lace, one of the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors.

Chantilly Lace (sample here) is the cleanest white color in the universe because It has no warm or cool undertones (LRV=92. This clean white is great for walls but also makes the perfect trim or ceiling color.  You need lots of light to make this color work. We use this color as a baseline comparison for all other whites. Learn more in the Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Color Review.

These beautiful light-filled living room walls were painted with Chantilly Lace.

Living room walls painted with BM Chantilly Lace
Photo by S. Stone, Chantilly Lace Living Room

In the kitchen below we used Chantilly Lace for the ceilings, and the cabinet colors were a perfect match for Chantilly Lace.  This color matches beautifully with the Carrara marble counters.

Kitchen with white BM Chantilly Lace cabinets
Photo by M. Camilli, The Color Concierge

Chantilly Lace Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with: Carrara marble counters, crisp grays, blacks, and clean colors. The best granite is honed absolute black. Works well with off-white quartz colors.
  • Don’t use with: Dark earthy colors or granite countertops. Could end up looking like a primer. Be careful about using this color with quartz countertops.  Because of the quartz manufacturing process, most of their whites are off-white or creamy. Does not look its best with creamy quartz. Don’t use darker creamy trim colors such as Swiss Coffee.
  • Best ceiling color (flat): Chantilly Lace or Decorator’s White
  • Best trim color (satin): Chantilly Lace
  • Best Paint Matches: SW 7757 High Reflective White OR Behr 1850 Ultra Pure White OR SW 9541 White Snow
Hire Us to help you pick your paint colors.


Benjamin Moore Oxford White (BM 869), also White Heron

A swatch of BM Oxford White, one of the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors.

White Heron (Oxford White, sample here) is a clean white with slightly warm undertones and looks amazing with marble and cool gray finishes (LRV=89).  We see it most often as a ceiling and trim white color.  For the wall color, make sure you use this white in bright spaces to prevent dingy gray corners. This crisp color is a perfect backdrop for colorful art. In this photo, we show a room with White Heron/Oxford White Ceilings, trim, and a fireplace.  The walls are Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover.

Living room with BM Oxford White trim, doors, fireplace and ceiling
Photo by M. O’Neill, Oxford White ceilings, fireplace, and trim. Walls are BM Cloud Cover.

Oxford White Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with: Carrara marble counters, crisp grays, blacks, and clean colors. The best granite is honed absolute black.
  • Don’t use with: Dark earthy granite countertops.  Could end up looking like primer. Be careful about using this color with quartz countertops.  Because of the quartz manufacturing process, most of their whites are off-white or creamy. White Heron will not go well with off-white or creamy quartz.
  • Best ceiling color (flat): White Heron or BM White Diamond (2121-60)
  • Best trim color (satin): White Heron
  • Best Paint Matches: Sherwin Williams SW 9541 White Snow

Benjamin Moore Simply White (BM OC-117)

A swatch of BM Simply White, one of the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors.

One of Benjamin Moore’s most iconic white paint colors is Simply White. It is a versatile, bright, and warm white paint color with yellow undertones.  Simply White (sample here)looks great just about anywhere, including in darker rooms (LRV=89.5).  Use it in a monochromatic paint palette or consider it for cabinets or trim.  We used Simply White for this new build in Colorado.  It looks amazing!  You can learn more about Simply White in this blog post Simply White Paint Color Review.

Entry with Simply White paint color
Photo by M. Marceny, Simply White paint color

Simply White Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with: Clean or earthy colors, blacks or browns, Calacatta marble.
  • Don’t use with: Cool whites or finishes such as Carrara marble counters. Stay away from cream colors for ceilings or trim.
  • Best ceiling color (flat): Simply White or Chantilly Lace
  • Best trim color (satin): Simply White (with either ceiling color) or Chantilly Lace (with same ceiling color)
  • Best Paint Matches: SW 9503 Cheviot OR Behr PPU18-07 Falling Snow

Benjamin Moore Cloud White (BM OC-130)

A swatch of BM Cloud White, one of the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors.

Cloud White (OC-130, 967, CC-40) is a soft beautiful off-white paint color that we could use all day long. It has warm, invisible taupe undertones.  You can use Cloud White (sample here) for your walls in just about every room of the house. It also makes a lovely trim, cabinet, or ceiling white paint color.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White looks best in rooms with tons of light but can also work well if you have some shadows. It can start to look dingy in rooms with very cool north-facing lighting. Learn more about this color in our Cloud White Color Review.

Cloud White is a unique Benjamin Moore white because it has warm taupe undertones.  this makes it especially lovely with warm finishes, and it looks fantastic with incandescent lighting, at night.

I love the way this color can look so velvety.  Check out this beautiful living room, with Cloud white ceilings, beams, walls, and trim painted in different sheens.  It just takes my breath away.

Living room painted with Benjamin Moore Cloud White.
Cloud White living room, photo by M. Marceny

This Cloud white dining room is just as lovely but more casual.  I would enjoy it every time I walked by.

A dining room and staircase are painted with Benjamin Moore Cloud White paint.
Cloud White dining room, photo by M. Marceny

Cloud White Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with: Warm earthy or crisp colors, muted colors, browns, creamy quartz, or Calacatta marble. Good white for dark rooms or north-facing exposures.
  • Don’t use with: Cool whites like BM Decorator’s White, SW Extra White, or finishes such as Carrara marble counters.
  • Best ceiling color (flat): Cloud White, Oxford White, or Chantilly Lace
  • Best trim color, same as ceiling (satin): Cloud White, Oxford White, or Chantilly Lace
  • Best Paint Matches: SW Greek Villa

Benjamin Moore White Dove (BM OC-17)

A swatch of BM White Dove, one of the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors.

BM White Dove (sample here) is a versatile off-white paint color with subtle yellow undertones that is best used to update a house that has earthy finishes from the Tuscan décor era (LRV=85).  It also looks great with crisp white modern finishes.  Use it with earthy colors, browns, tans, and warm grays.

This is a great cabinet color with any quartz or granite countertop.  If you have a dark room or a north-facing room with cool light this is a great option.

The North-facing bedroom below had walls, ceilings, and trim painted with White Dove.

Bedroom with White Dove walls, ceilings and trim.
White Dove bedroom, photo by M. Camilli

For an exterior, it will read bright white (sometimes over-bright as a trim color) in the sunshine.  Additionally, for exterior projects, this light color often requires several coats for good coverage. If you use it for exteriors, we recommend that you use primer and a higher brand level, such as Benjamin Moore Exterior Aura for the best coverage. Often labor is more expensive than paint.

White Dove also makes a perfect ceiling, cabinet, and trim white. The cabinets below are painted with White Dove. You can see the creaminess. Learn more in our BM White Dove Paint Color Review.

Modern kitchen with BM White Dove Cabinets
Photo by Z Patel, White Dove cabinets

White Dove Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with: Earthy Tuscan colors, muted colors, browns, creamy quartz, or Calacatta marble. Good white for dark rooms or north-facing exposures.
  • Don’t use with: Cool whites like BM Decorator’s White, SW Extra White, or finishes such as Carrara marble counters.
  • Best ceiling color (flat): White Dove, Oxford White, or Chantilly Lace
  • Best trim color, same as ceiling (satin): White Dove, Oxford White, or Chantilly Lace
  • Best Paint Matches: SW Alabaster, SW Greek Villa, SW Cheviot

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (BM OC-23)

Even though Classic Gray (sample here)has “Gray” in its name, it is an incredible grayed-out cream that looks different as the light changes throughout the day (LRV=75).  This color reads white in the sunshine and has enough pigment so that it can be used in darker rooms without looking dingy when the sun goes down. It is as flexible as Simply White (but in different ways).

Classic Gray looks best as a wall color.  Don’t use it as a ceiling color or with interior trim.  I have seen it used beautifully for kitchen cabinets, and you can also use it as “white” trim for an exterior palette.  We used Classic Gray as the foundation of the whole-house palette for the client’s house pictured below and it turned out more beautiful than we could have hoped!

A living room is painted with Benjamin Moore Classic Gray paint.
Photo by M. Marceny; Classic Gray living room

This beautiful living room below was updated with Classic Gray walls and White Dove ceilings and trim.

Living room with classic gray walls.
Photo by M. Camilli, Classic Gray walls and White Dove ceilings and trim.

Classic Gray Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with: Clean whites, off-whites, crisp grays, and vibrant colors. It can look good with Carrara or Calacatta marbles. Good white for dark rooms or north-facing exposures.
  • Don’t use with: Creamy whites.  Don’t use it as a trim or ceiling color.
  • Best ceiling color (flat): Simply White or Chantilly Lace, but also works with Cloud White and White Dove.
  • Best trim color (satin): Simply White (either ceiling color) or Chantilly Lace (with same ceiling color), and also works with Cloud White and White Dove
  • Best Paint Matches: SW Zurich White OR Behr N220-U-1U Spun Wool

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee (BM OC-45)

A swatch of BM Swiss Coffee, one of the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors.

BM Swiss Coffee (sample here) is a gorgeous complex cream paint color with invisible green undertones that lean a bit toward yellow (LRV=84).  This paint color is fabulous with earthy Tuscan Era finishes.  Use it with earthy colors, browns, tans, and warm grays.

Learn more about BM Swiss Coffee in this color review.

This is a great cabinet color with any earthy granite countertop.

Kitchen cabinets painted with BM Swiss Coffee
Kitchen cabinets painted with BM Swiss Coffee

Use Swiss Coffee for a darker or North-facing room with cool light. If you have a room with low light, use a lighter white paint color for the ceiling and trim to add contrast.

Swiss Coffee can be a good trim and ceiling color, but only paired with darker whites.  If you pair Swiss Coffee ceiling with a lighter white wall color, it will look dingy.

For an exterior, it will read like a soft warm white in the sunshine.

One more thing – make sure that you specify Benjamin Moore for this specific color.  There are Swiss Coffees in just about every paint brand, and they are all different!

A dining room painted with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee paint.
Photo by M. Marceny

Swiss Coffee Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with: Earthy Tuscan colors, muted colors, browns, creamy quartz, or Calacatta marble. Good white for dark rooms or north-facing exposures.
  • Don’t use with: Clean whites such as Chantilly or Oxford White.  Avoid cooler white paint colors like SW Extra White or BM Decorator’s White.  Avoid cool marbles or finishes such as Carrara marble counters.
  • Best ceiling (flat): Cloud White (with White Dove or Cloud White trim) or White Dove (with White dove Trim)
  • Best trim color (satin): Cloud White or White Dove
  • Best Paint Matches: SW Dover White

Best Benjamin Moore White Paint for Trim & Ceilings

The right white paint color for trim and ceilings isn’t necessarily universal. Instead, you should choose your trim and ceiling color based on the color of your walls and hard finishes whenever you can.

That said, there are some Benjamin Moore white trim colors that are particularly versatile for trim and ceilings. 

One construct I often use is to paint the ceilings, walls, trim, and doors the same white color, but with different sheens.  Ceilings are flat, walls are eggshell or Matte, and doors, trim and moulding are Satin.  You can see this effect below for White Dove, with a very subtle shift between the surfaces.

A room features BM White Dove walls, doors and trim.
A room with White Dove walls, doors and trim

This works best with brighter whites.  I would consider this with all the whites in this blog post except for Classic Gray, which is too dark. 

I often recommend Benjamin Moore Chantilly White as a white trim color because it’s a clean, crisp white with minimal undertones. It can pair well with warm paint colors and cooler paint colors, as well as other white paint colors.

Best Benjamin Moore White Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are such a classic addition to just about any home. And there are so many lovely Benjamin Moore options if you want to paint your cabinets white.

Chantilly Lace

BM Chantilly Lace cabinets look bright and gorgeous in the kitchen pictured below. I love the way they look with the Sherwin-Williams Cyberspace lower cabinets.

Cyberspace kitchen cabinets featured in a blue and white tuxedo kitchen
Tuxedo cabinets with SW Cyberspace lowers

Simply White

BM Simply White (blog post, review) is another great option for white kitchen cabinets, especially in a darker room. The warm yellow undertones in this color keep a space looking bright without being too stark.

A kitchen featuring BM Simply White kitchen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets painted with BM Simply White

White Dove

BM White Dove is another favorite white paint color for kitchen cabinets. This off-white paint color has subtle yellow undertones, so it works well in kitchens with earthy Tuscan finishes but can also work with more modern white finishes.

A kitchen painted with BM White Dove paint
Photo from Color Concierge project

Snowfall White

BM Snowfall White is another beautiful Benjamin Moore white paint color for kitchen cabinets. I call it a crisp off-white because it’s too warm to be a clean white.

Snowfall White is near the top of the list of the best white paint for kitchen cabinets in a dark room thanks to its very subtle yellow undertones.

This color looks great with most quartz countertops but may be too warm for cool marbles or cooler quartz.

A kitchen painted with SM Snowfall White kitchen cabinets.
BM Snowfall White kitchen cabinets

How to Choose White Paint Colors for Your Home

Even though the colors shared in this post are some of the best Benjamin Moore whites, it doesn’t mean that they’ll work in every space.

Instead, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when choosing the right white paint for your space:


The lighting in your room has the biggest impact on how a paint color will look on the wall – especially when it comes to white paint. 

If your room has East-facing windows, for example, the room will get warmer light in the mornings as the sun is rising and cooler light in the afternoons. West-facing light has the opposite effect. 

Rooms with North-facing windows get consistently cooler light, while rooms with South-facing windows typically have warmer light.

 It’s important to test your paint samples at different times of day so you can see how the colors look in different lighting.

Hard Finishes

The hard finishes in your home also play a role in choosing the best white paint color for a space. White may seem like it goes with everything, but the wrong white can clash with certain hard finishes.

A home with warm, earthy finishes would not look good painted with a cool white with blue undertones, for example. While cool white quartz countertops could look off next to a very warm white with yellow undertones.


The other colors in your home’s decor should also be considered when choosing a white paint. Compare your paint samples to your furniture, window treatments, wall art and other paint colors in a space to ensure you like the way they look together.

Design Tips for White Paint

  • The secret to white paint is counter-intuitive. You should always use white in a sunny space.  If you use a bright white in a poorly lit space, the shadows make the room look gray and dirty. Check out the 6 Best Whites for Dark Rooms here.
  • For a monochromatic white paint palette, use paint sheen to add texture and depth. For example, if you choose to paint with Chantilly Lace, paint the baseboards satin, walls eggshell, and ceiling flat. It will look as if you painted with three different gorgeous whites.
  • Don’t have your paint store try to match a color. Instead, test the right color from the manufacturer.
  • Use warm wood and materials in a white space to keep it from looking cold.
  • Hardwood and terra cotta floors go with any color white. Treat them like jeans; they go with everything.

What is the easiest way to test white paint colors?

We always recommend that you test paint colors in your house because lighting can change completely change the wall colors.

In the old days, this meant we painted a large poster board with sample pots and a huge mess.

Now we have 9X14″ Pre-Painted peel-and-stick paint samples from SAMPLIZE.  Check out the SAMPLIZE website here.

Get 10% off your Samplize order today with our exclusive discount code “CC10” at checkout. Order today and get samples tomorrow!

Still can’t decide?  Test all the paint colors from this article in your home by grabbing this custom Sample Bundle from Samplize.

Sample The Best Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors

Test all these Benjamin Moore Whites here or test individual paint colors below.

Explore expert picks for the 7 best Benjamin Moore white paint colors to use in your home.

Test all these Benjamin Moore Whites here or test individual paint colors below. Get 10% off with our discount code CC10 at checkout.

  1. Chantilly Lace (BM OC-65) – Sample Here
  2. Oxford White (BM 869) – Sample Here
  3. Simply White (BM OC-117) – Sample Here
  4. Cloud White (BM OC-130) – Sample Here
  5. White Dove (BM OC-17) – Sample Here
  6. Classic Gray (BM OC-23) – Sample Here
  7. Swiss Coffee (BM OC-45) – Sample Here

Key Learning Points

White paint colors can be gorgeous in any interior, but if you don’t pick the right white you could end up with primer-white or dingy gray walls. We always recommend that you test your paint colors.

Online Color Consulting

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A home painted with BM white paint

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    1. Hi Connie,
      That would be a great blog post! If you would like more specific information for your home, please order one of our online consults.

      1. Thinking of using swiss coffee for walls but cant decide if I shouls stick with swiss coffee for trim or use simply white?

          1. I just did a very white quartz counter and white beveled tile backsplash. The Chantilly lace white is perfect match for my cabinets, but will it work on my trim with Edgecomb grey Walls?

        1. Hi Macy:

          I am thinking of using Swiss Coffee for my entire condo. I am thinking satin or semi gloss for the trim and flat for the walls. Did you use this color and how does it look?

      2. What a fantastic guide to selecting the best white colors for interior rooms!! Thank you for your helpful guide.

    2. Am having my kitchen cabinets professionally painted. Wall color is Oyster Bay. I’d like to keep my current Baltic Brown granite countertops. I’ve wanted white cabinets for the longest time. Would even consider two colors…painting the peninsula a contrasting color. Suggestions please!

      1. Hi Connie,
        I recommend sticking with a creamy white or muted color, but its hard for us to give specific advice without seeing your house. Please consider an online color consultation. It subsidizes our blog and is also our job and income.

      2. I am using taj mahal quartzite countertops. My walls are linen white
        Kitchen is dark
        What white color would be best fir cabinets

  1. I have off white creamy cabinets with some brown glazing.. I want a clean airy white on walls with no undertones.. would ben Moore white dove work or SW alabaster? I need to choose this week! Stressed. Wanted to use Chantilly but your post says no. There are browns, tans, cream in granite and creamy floors. Please help?

    1. Hi Maddie,
      We would need more information such as photos to be able to answer your question. Its easiest if you sign up for our “Ask a question” package. Thanks!!

    2. Did you ever figure out the answer to this question? I have the same situation and need to choose a color quickly. I was leaning towards Simply White or Swiss Coffee. Would love to know what you chose.

  2. I’m so stressed… Need to choose a white this week… Cabinets are cream with some brown glazing on edges, creamy toned tileand earthy granite… I don’t want a white with yellow,brown, pink or blue undertones.
    I was going to try Chantilly Lace and classic gray only to discover your post says it won’t go ?… I was also going to sample Sherwin-Williams Alabaster and Ben Moore white dove. Please help if you can.
    Thank you so much ?

    1. Hi Sheri,
      We would be so happy to help with a color. We need more information and some photos to help you. The best way to do this is with a Color Your Room package on our website.

      1. Hi. I’m putting in white shaker cabinets and Whistler quarts would white dove paint go well with the quarts ? Please help

        1. Hi Rosanna,
          It’s hard for me to say without knowing which white you have chosen, and the rest of your room decor. Please consider one of our online color consultations.
          Thank you,

  3. We just bought a house with white appliances (ugh)and unfortunately I have to keep them. I want to paint the cabinets. They are white now, but not the right white. Floors will be dark. Replacing the countertops and backsplash, but have not decided on what- it just will not be marble. The kitchen is fairly small and not a lot of light. I need help with the cabinet color, please.

    1. Hi Jennifer, it’s hard for us to make recommendations without seeing photos. The easiest way is to purchase a Color Your Room Package.

      1. Wonderful tips and advice! What would you recommend as a contrasting brighter white trim colour when using BM Cloud White on the walls?

    2. Hi,
      I have a quartz countertop Statuaro Maximus from Caesorstone and I’m trying to choose the right colour kitchen cabinets. Is Chantily lace or simply white go better. My ceramic tile is a greyish beige colour.

      1. Hi Maria,
        It’s hard for us to give personal advice without seeing your house in photos or in person. If you would like more detailed information, please order one of our online color consultations.


        1. Hi Michelle,
          I’m renovating my kitchen and I’m just trying to decide which white colour cabinets go best with the Statuaro Maximus countertop from Caesorstone.
          Thank you!

    3. What is the best white ceiling color for west side living room with the dark light? We alredy have the AF-20 mascarpone crown molding and trim and AF-95 hush walls.

      1. Hi Jennifer,
        You could either pick the same color as the trim in an Ultra-Flat sheen, or pick an off-white that is slightly cooler. Some ideas to pair with the Marscapone trim are Dove White and Cloud white.

    1. Thanks, Jubilee! We are updating the website right now, and once we finish, we’ll start publishing again.

  4. I was wondering if you can use Chantilly Lace on the walls if the ceilings and trim are all Decorator’s White oil base semi gloss. I see that Chantilly Lace is often used for trim but was curious about using it as the wall color. Of course, the goal would be a clean, airy palette and not making the trim look grey. Love that this discussion is still so popular!

    1. Hi Katharine,
      Normally I could use Chantilly lace on the walls if the ceilings and trim are Decorator’s White, which is cooler than the Chantilly Lace. The key is that the room has to be filled with lots and lots of light, otherwise the white walls will shadow in the corners and make the room look dingy.
      Good luck!

      1. Hi there!
        Your article is so helpful and informative.
        I am remodeling a 360 sq ft. retail space (very small). It faces the south, but I also get light from the east and west. Basically, 3 of the 4 walls are all windows. So there is a ton of beautiful light. I’m going for an earthy, neutral, inviting vibe. Since there’s so much warm light, I was thinking Chantilly Lace on the walls, and curious what color would do well for the ceiling?
        Thank you!!

        1. With Chantilly Lace, you can either paint the ceilings Chantilly Lace or BM White Diamond. My preference is Chantilly Lace. 🙂

    2. I’m a professional painter and decorator and just done a big hall and staircase trim woodwork BM scuff x satin chantilly lace it looks brilliant

  5. Hi,

    I found this website. I like your ideas. I need your help with right color for my small master bathroom. I was planning to use Classic gray or Swiss coffee for the small space wall. I would love to have white or hale blue for the vanity. And again, I am not sure what color for the trim and ceiling. I am not able to insert my photo that my picture will be able to help you to see it better.

    1. Hi Francine,
      Thank you so much! For this type of question, we would like to refer you to our Online Color Consulting store. We would be happy to specify a paint color for you!

  6. Coffee glaze cabinets, Taj Mahal quartz countertops. Stainless steel appliances. Kitchen has one skylight and 6 can lights. What is best wall color please?

    1. Hi Linda,
      Its so hard for us to recommend a color without seeing photos of the room. For more detailed information, we offer color consultation packages.

  7. Just want to verify I’m understanding. I you recommend simply white in flat for a ceiling with walls and trim Swiss coffee? So you wouldn’t recommend Swiss coffee for ceiling as well?

    1. I commonly pick the same ceiling color as the trim if its a white color. However, Swiss Coffee is darker than Simply white, and could look dingy on the ceiling. In this case, I would go Simply white on the ceiling with a flat sheen.

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Its hard to recommend a paint color without having photos and more information. You can order one of our color consulting packages for more detailed recommendations!

  8. I used ral 9016 for wooden interior doors and kitchen. Does Chantilly lace match with ral 9016 for walls and ceilings? Otherwise, which white do you propose me for the walls/ceiling?

    1. Hi Irene,
      We don’t work regularly with Ral colors so its hard for us to give you a match.

  9. We would like to paint the interior walls of our house in one color for resale. It’s a Deck/Acorn house and has lots of light, high cedar ceilings, dark beams, mahogany trim.

    The people at Deck House say Chantilly Lace is popular. Do you have any other suggestions that we should consider?

    1. Hi Sue,
      Its difficult for us to recommend a specific paint color without seeing your specific home. I would say that if you have alot of earthy finishes to stick with more muted whites such as SW Alabaster, BM White Dove, BM Cloud White and BM Swiss Coffee. Always test your paint colors, and make sure that you don’t match from one vendor to the next, especially with whites.

  10. We are going with white cabinets Chantilly Lace. Can we go with an off white quartz counter top Calacutta?We want to go with quartz.

    1. Hi Maria,
      I’m not sure what brand of quartz you are referring to – there are several that have Calacutta or Calacatta name in their title. The key is to pick an off-white or a white. If the quartz is too creamy, it will look off.

  11. Hi,
    I am debating between Chantilly lace or simply white as my walls… I have a South facing 600 sq ft condo, so we get lots of sunlight all day… I had both of the swatches side by side in every room but I simply cannot decide what is better. My couch is a tan leather colour… will Chantilly lace look too stark next to a tan color leather couch? It looked so amazing until I used the simply white swatch next To it and i read starkness. I am not sure if it looks stark because it was dark outside after sunset or because it was next to simply white.

    I want to like Chantilly lace because it looked good in other people’s home…. but I’m afraid that it could look stark… Does Chantilly lace look good in every home?? Should I just go with it?

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      The best time to evaluate paint colors is during the day without overhead lights on. Chantilly can look lovely in many homes, but it just depends on your situation and finishes.

  12. Do you like Cloud white (BM) as trim for Swiss coffee? I almost cannot tell the difference between the Swiss coffee and Simply White. Small bedroom.

    1. Cloud White would be a very nice trim for Swiss Coffee because it has a slight contrast. In order from lightest to darkest white, Simply White is the lightest, Cloud White is medium and Swiss Coffee is the darkest. Some people will also use Swiss Coffee as a trim color in a shinier sheen, but for a small bedroom I would stick with Simply White or Cloud White for the trim. Good luck!

  13. Thinking of using Simply White on walls, Chantilly White on ceiling and White Dove on trim on my new construction. The hard surfaces of my home are neutral with light gray and light browns. Kitchen countertops are Calcutta Gold.
    What are your thoughts on the wall, trim, ceiling color choices?

    1. I can’t say for sure without seeing them, but I like the way they go from warmer to cooler from bottom to top. White Dove is the warmest color and its on the trim. Chantilly is the lightest and its on the ceiling. Just make sure you have lots of light in the room for these whites. Also whatever you do, don’t let any paint company talk you into matching Benjamin Moore whites. with these paint colors its impossible and you would end up with a house of green walls and ceilings.

      1. Can you explain why it’s important to have a lot of light when using these colors? I’m going with similar choices (chantilly on ceiling and simply on walls). also, debating bw chantilly or simply for trim… any considerations/recommentations? Also, I know that I should use flat finish on ceiling, but what should be my finish for the walls? Thank you for your insight!

        1. Hi Marli,
          The reason is that very light colors in darker rooms can have shadows in the corners that look gray and dingy. Chantilly Lace is especially prone to that. We are discovering that Simply white is a very magical color – it has enough yellow in it that it can be used in an East Facing room with low light. I’ll be writing about that soon. Walls should be either eggshell or flat finish. Eggshell is easier to clean and flat looks so pretty. Its just a balance of what your life needs are with the softness of flat paint. Both would look great for walls.

  14. What white would be best to brighten a popcorn ceiling (unfortunately…but everything else around it is modernized etc.) so it is what it is. It’s entire downstairs of home; family room, kitchen, dining room/ music room (1 large room).
    Would appreciate a color suggestion and is flat best? for popcorn ceiling?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mari,
      I would pick the same white or a slightly brighter white than your trim. Make sure that you use the flattest paint that you can find. Benjamin Moore has an Ultra-Flat paint that is very nice.
      Good luck!

        1. Hi Jill,
          It depends! If you have children or pets in a home I like to recommend eggshell. Flat sheens are also beautiful, but they don’t clean up as well.

  15. Hi, I’m trying to choose BM trim and door colors to go with BM Paper White walls. I’ve been thinking of using White Heron or Decorator’s White. I’m leaning towards White Heron, someone suggested Decorator’s White and now I’m all confused. Which would you recommend? Thanks!

    1. Hi Terry,

      BM Paper White is a white with VERY blue undertones that pushes boundaries into a light blue gray. White Heron and Decorator’s White are brighter and lighter whites that also have blue undertones. Either would work as trim colors with Paper White, but my preference for trim would be White Heron for a whiter white and a larger contrast. If you pick Paper White for your walls, make sure that you don’t have Northern exposure (light has a blue hue). Paper White + Northern Exposure will result in a very blue gray room. Also, your room should have tons of light to carry this white color off. Otherwise it will create shadows in the corners that will make your room look dingy. We also don’t recommend this white color if you have earthy finishes such as wood cabinets, granite countertops or warm tile floors. This is a color that would be perfect if you have lots of windows with South facing light, crisp white cabinets and bright white backsplash and quartz countertops. If you would like more help picking out the best white paint color, you can purchase one of our color consultation packages.


  16. Thanks for the article. I have a Swiss Coffee kitchen being installed and have decided to use the same for all the trim in the house. It is a new house for us so we are starting from scratch. I want to put a neutral colour on our bedroom walls that will look nice with the Swiss Coffee trim. Can you recommend a subtle ‘beige’ colour that would work well with Swiss Coffee? Other colours in the house are AF-380 Coastal Path and AF-95 Hush, but looking for something a bit lighter.

    1. Hi Gail,
      For specific guidance for a home we ask that you purchase a color consulting package.

  17. Hi Michelle! I’d like to use simply white on the ceiling and trim, and Swiss coffee on the walls throughout my house that does not have a lot of natural light. Do you think this color scheme would go well with my kitchen and travertine backsplash, warm granite countertops? Thank you for your time and attention!

    1. Hi Viktoriya,
      Simply White has very heavy yellow undertones, so I wouldn’t pair it with travertine which can have a warmer pink undertone. I can’t evaluate without seeing the granite. Please don’t hesitate to purchase a color consultation for more detailed guidance.

  18. thank you for sharing those experience. I have a open area kitchen、dinning room and living room together. I used swiss coffee for the up cabinet and lower cabinet I used cumulus cloud. I already paint wall to simply white. Do you think I can use the same color simply white for baseboard and window with satin/semi gloss sheen. how about door and trim? thanks

    1. Hi Nina,
      The cultural convention is to paint the trim and doors the same color as cabinet whites.
      I hope that helps!

  19. My great room faces South with a fair amount of light and my furnishings are light/medium neutrals, lots of natural finished wood (modern farmhouse.)
    Thinking of using Simply White (flat) on walls, Chantilly Lace (ultra flat) on trim and popcorn ceiling (unfortunately.) Thank you for any advice you may have.

    1. Hi Darlene,
      That is a lovely combination together. Simply White has lots of yellow in it, though. If you have fixed finishes with pink beiges the Simply White will look wrong. Don’t forget to test your paint colors, and if you decide on Simply White, don’t have it matched to another brand such as Sherwin or Behr.

  20. So if I paint my walls classic gray, trim oxford white – what color do I paint ceilings? Can I use oxford white? Also, I have a popcorn ceiling in a family room. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Benja,
      That is a great question! Normally I would say that Oxford white would be great for the ceiling, but you threw in a twist: the popcorn ceiling. High textures will make a color look darker than it is, so I would pick a cooler white than Oxford. One suggestion would be BM Chantilly Lace, which is a clean white with slight blue undertones. BM White Diamond is slightly cooler with more blue and could be a good backup. Don’t forget to test your paint colors!

      1. Wow! I’m in a panic. Painter is coming on Monday and he will start painting closets. I’ve already purchase some of the paint for the project, BM, Mayonnaise. Using this color though out house. Was planning on using Simply White on ceilings. Floors in common areas and all interior doors and window trim and base boards are stained fairly dark. Will Simply White be ok or will it be too yellow with the wall color? Wall paint is eggshell finish. Ceiling paint will be flat.

        1. Hi Deb,
          Its hard for me to say exactly without seeing the house and how the colors relate to your finishes and the light. Both Mayonnaise and Simply White have alot of yellow in them, but Simply White would be a nice ceiling color to contrast with Mayonnaise and they should look nice together. Your sheens are perfect. What I can say is that if you have alot of travertine or other earthy tuscan finishes, yellow undertones might fight with the pink beige in travertine, for example. You need a creamier color for stained baseboards so from that perspective the Mayonnaise should work well. In summary, Simply is a great ceiling color for Mayonnaise, and Mayonnaise looks great with wood. But if you have alot of earthy finishes such as travertine or other pink beiges, it will clash. You can avoid this by testing your paint colors. Please read my article on how to test paint colors.

  21. I will be moving into a Senior living smaller I
    1bedroom home and I was thinking of using Swiss Coffee or White Dove to make my living area look larger What would you suggest ?

    1. Hi Glennis,
      Its hard for me to say without seeing the space. Both those colors are lovely. My suggestion would be to test, test, test. Just check out my post on how to test paint colors.
      Good luck!

  22. I think I want to use simply white for my cabinets, in order to match my white appliances. I am leaning toward dark countertops. Would Classic Gray be ok for the walls? The area flows into my living room, so both the kitchen and living room walls will need to be the same color.

    This is an area with a lot of natural light.

    Also, if that combo works, what should be used as a ceiling color and trim color?

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Its hard for us to tell you if Simply White would work without seeing a photo of your kitchen. We would make these types of recommendations in an online color consultation. I can make these few assumptions without seeing the space:
      (1) If you have white kitchen cabinets, we like to match the white trim color to the white cabinets, in the same sheen. For the ceiling paint you can use the same color as the cabinets and trim, but in a flat sheen.
      (2) Classic Gray walls look great with Simply White Trim and Ceiling. Magical. Test,test,test your paint colors to make sure Classic Gray is a good color for your room.
      (3) Simply White may be too creamy to match your white appliances. Make sure you test.

      I hope that helps! Michelle

  23. Great advice above. I am redoing my master bath and decided to use classic grey on the walls. I am using a lot of Mysteria quartz which is slightly ff white/greyish with veins of soft gray and brown. I am stuck on what white to pair with the classic grey for the trim. I was considering chantilly lace, until I read above it does not go well with quartz. What white should I pair with classic grey for ceiling, and trim?

  24. Hi Michelle,
    Would you say Swiss coffee is a good white to use in a East facing room?
    And what are your thoughts on Cotton Balls vs Simply white un a East facing room? They look so similar to me on the color chips…
    Thanks so much for all you share!

    1. Hi Nora,
      Any of those whites could work, but it depends on what your other whites and hard finishes look like. If you have earthy Tuscan finishes NEITHER Cotton Balls or Simply White would be good as they have lots of yellow in them and Tuscan Finishes have lots of pink, which do not pair well together.

      Swiss Coffee could be nice, but NOT if you have blue-whites or clean whites or other very crisp white or clean finishes. For example, DON’T pair Swiss Coffee with SW Extra White, BM Decorator’s White or BM Chantilly Lace. Also don’t use if you have real Carrara Marble.

      Also, make sure to test all you paint colors, and don’t match to any other manufacturer.

  25. Hi Michelle,

    If I’m painting walls Swiss Coffee at 75% would you recommend doing ceilings and trim the same color with a different sheen or going with simply white? I feel like Chantilly lace may be too crisp?

    1. I usually don’t recommend painting any color at percentage strengths. The reason is that it’s just like paint matching. There is no formula, and it can go terribly wrong. Or it can go well. Its hard to know how it will work out. I know alot of designers like to do that, but even for them it is not an exact science.

      Instead, consider using White Dove or Cloud White at full strength. Then you can do the same color for the ceiling in a flat sheen.

      No matter what you do, test your paint color. It will help you see if this custom formulation will work out.

  26. Hi,
    Could you tell me what colour the cabinets are in the photo with the chantilly lace ceiling? Looks beautiful.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Brittany,
      Those were purchased cabinets, and the cabinet color compared closely to BM Chantilly Lace, SW High Reflective White or BM Oxford White, which are both clean whites without blue or yellow undertones.

      The lower cabinets were SW Cyberspace.


  27. Hi Michelle,
    Great post! I have 2 questions.
    1. Would you pair white dove (trim) with classic gray (walls), or are they too close for any bit of contrast?
    2. I have white dove cabinets and will be using white dove for the trim and doors in the entire house. In one bathroom, I will be using BM Snowfall white for trim because white dove doesn’t work. The plan is to use Snowfall white for ceiling in said bathroom. Do you think Snowfall white would be fine for ceiling in the rest of the house, as well, (with the white dove trim)? The other option would be Chantilly Lace for ceilings throughout the house.
    Thanks for any insight!

    1. Hi Mary,
      White Dove and Classic Gray are pretty together.
      Great strategy to match your cabinet white to the trim white and doors. Either Snowfall White or Chantilly would be pretty for ceilings throughout the house. Snowfall is just a little warmer which would be my preference. Use BM Ultra-flat paint for ceilings.

  28. Hi Michelle.

    Thank you for the great post! I’m looking to keep my main floor one neutral color and Chantilly Lace is at the top of the list. But I notice you say not to use Chantilly Lace in a dark room. My entryway / Foyer doesn’t get a lot of light as there is no window in the entry, just a door and sidelights which let some light filter in. Would Chantilly Lace be a bad choice for the entry? I think it would be odd to have all the other first floor rooms painted Chantilly Lace and then to do something different for the foyer. Thoughts?

  29. Hi Michelle,

    Great post.

    I have SW Extra White (flat) in all my walls and semi-gloss in trims. What would be a good match for the doors?

    Thanks so much

    1. For a white palette, the doors would need to match the trims. There are lots of examples of colored doors.

  30. Hi,

    I loved your blog! We are painting our house! We choose Swiss Coffee 25% lighter. We are thinking of using Super White for the trim and doors. I didn’t love Simply White for the ceiling.. Do you have any other color that would look good on the ceiling? Do you have any other suggestions :)? We have dark brown floors and cabinets.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Its hard to say because when you lighten a color like Swiss Coffee its hard for me to know how light it goes. You might consider Snowfall White, but test to make sure that it is lighter than the lightened Swiss Coffee. Super White is likely too light. Another option would be Oxford White or Chantilly Lace. Make sure you use Benjamin Moore’s Ultra-Flat Ceiling paint.

  31. I just came across this post. Ordered cabinets with a designer – will be factory painted BM White Dove. I am really trying to find the right slab of marble for my countertops. I have Imperial Danby so so desperately in mind, but no nice slabs exist in my area right now. There are some very nice white Carrera that may have to be. They are whiter in background, not gray. I know it is hard to tell without seeing my space, the slabs, etc…, but what is your take on BM White Dove and Carrera? My designer says it can absolutely work, but I’m wondering…. Thank you for any guidance.

    1. Hi Sherry,
      I usually discourage my clients from pairing Carrara with as warm a white as BM White Dove. Imperial Danby would have been nice, or any other Carrara marble with by definition is warmer. I have run into kitchens with Carrara Marble and much creamier white cabinets than BM White Dove, and they didn’t look great. But we tweaked the kitchen by adding a clean white backsplash that went well with the Carrara, equivalent in color to Chantilly Lace or Oxford White.

      I don’t want to contradict your designer, because she might have had something like that in mind.


      1. Hi Michelle,
        I thank you very much for your input. I agree. I am still searching for that perfect Imperial Danby…. I love your post – we are all lucky to be learning these things.

  32. Thank you so much for sharing this article. We used BM Swiss coffee Matte on the wall and ultra flat on ceiling. Originally we picked White Dove on the trims and it looks good under led light but look almost same color as Swiss coffee when direct light from window shine on it. What color do you recommend for the trim? I know some suggest to use Swiss coffee as well but we want some contrast. Thanks a bunch

  33. Hi, my client chose SW alabaster for a kitchen cabinet color but also has carrara marble in some bathrooms. Is there a white or some pale greiges that we could use as a wall color to bridge the gap between creamy alabaster and carrara marble? Clients would prefer most of the house is in white or some shade of offwhite.

    1. Consider a lighter off-white such as SW Snowbound. Not as white as High reflective white or extra white. Some of the SW Greiges might also be interesting such as SW Moderne White or SW Aesthetic White. Don’t forget to test your paint colors.

  34. Hi
    Do you know the color/s that are used for the ceiling in the photo for your “simply white” discussion?

    Thanks much!

    1. There are two different colors. For my client’s house with the wooden front door and the lower rift oak cabinet island, we used Simply White, same color as walls in an ultra-flat sheen. In the other photos (my house) we used SW EXtra White because of the cost to repaint the ceilings, and it was not my preference. i would have used either Chantilly Lace, Oxford White or Simply White in an ultra-flat sheen.

      1. Thanks Michelle! It’s the kitchen photo with the black counters. Looks to be a grey but maybe it’s just the lighting!

  35. Hi Michelle – I selected Chantilly Lace in a semi gloss for my trims, doors, and millwork and worried the rest of the home may look too stark or boring if I continue Chantilly Lace in a matte finish. Will I get subtle contrast with Chantilly or am I better off with BM White Dove, Decorator’s White or Simply White for the walls?

    1. Hi Nisha,
      It depends on the rest of the room, to be honest. Chantilly will work as a wall color if the room is full of light, otherwise it could look dingy when the light is low. I would discourage you from using Decorator’s white because its cooler than Chantilly. Also, I prefer not to use Decorator’s white unless the room is flooded with light. Decorator’s white is very cold, colder than Chantilly Lace. Instead, I’d consider White Dove, Cloud White, Simply White or Snowfall White. All these colors are off-whites that will look lovely paired with Chantilly, but test, test, test on your walls.

  36. The color consult we got with you was worth every Penny! Paint is such a big investment. Our home exterior looks amazing with your recommendations. We are just in the process of painting the interior with the White Dove you recommended. Cannot wait to see the finished results! No “white freak out” for me!

  37. Great information! Thanks so much!
    Could you tell me the white wall color in your last pic? Cream couch/dark window frames and pic of cowboy riding a Bull!
    Thank you!

  38. Very informative post! One question on color – Chantilly Lace – is that a good choice for dark rooms? I ask because the post says “You need lots of light to make this color work”. My place does not have a lot of light and I’m looking for colors to make the room look bigger and brighter. I currently have Behr’s Swiss Coffee and it’s still dark. Thanks!

    1. We never recommend Chantilly for low-light rooms because it will look dingy. Behr’s Swiss Coffee is very much like Chantilly. You might test a white with more yellow in it if it goes with your hard finishes, something BM like Simply White or BM Snowfall White. And whatever you do, don’t match the Benjamin Moore color to Behr, it will come out green. If you have no light, you may need to invest in more lighting.


  39. Would any of these whites work in a very well-lit kitchen (facing south) with glossy white upper cabinets, walnut lower cabinets, and creamy white quartz countertop? It seems every white here has at least one of my kitchen characteristics listed in the “don’t use with” list ?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      I would test Cloud white or White Dove.
      Sometimes you can hit every one of the checkboxes, so you need to test the best one.

  40. Hi, I’m painting my kitchen cabinets Chantilly Lace and want to use it throughout for door trim, crown molding, and new baseboards. I know you recommend to only use this color in rooms with lots of natural white for WALLS, but wanted to make sure it can work for trim throughout house, some rooms darker than others. Using BM Light Pewter on walls.

    1. Hi Connie,
      Chantilly Lace would be beautiful for ceilings and trim. When I say you shouldn’t use it in a darker room I’m really referring to Chantilly as a wall color, which can look very cold and dingy in a darker room.
      thank you,

  41. Hi Michelle,

    I have kitchen walls and trims painted in white dove. What colors do you recommend for kitchen cabinets with black counter top ? Thank you.

    1. Hi GB,
      The cultural convention is that if you have White Dove trim, to use White Dove for your cabinets too. They would look great with a black counter. My suggestion is that you go with a honed vs. glossy counter.

  42. Hello, I will be replacing my kitchen countertops and full height backsplash and have narrowed down my selection to Calacatta marble or imperial Danby marble for the counters and splash. The Calacatta is very white with some warm grey veinings. My kitchen cabinets and whole house trim is BM Navajo White. Will either of these marbles work with my cabinet color? I do not have a lot of natural light in my kitchen. I’m so nervous about replacing the countertop and going down a rabbit hole and have to replace everything else. The cabinets have an elegant look to them and don’t want them to look dingy.

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