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Cloud Cover Color Review (OC-25)

BM Cloud Cover Paint Color Revew

Living room with BM Cloud Cover paint on walls and Oxford White ceiling and trim color.
Photo by M. O’Neil

The following was the before photo.  The dated slate tile floors were replaced with a gorgeous LVP floor.  Pinning disabled for the “Before” photo.

Before Photo by M. O’Neil
Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover (BM OC-25, 855)
Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover (BM OC-25, 855)

Cloud Cover LRV

Cloud Cover has an LRV of 81.8 which makes it a soft white bordering on a light greige.  This off-white paint color has invisible violet undertones.  LRV is short for Light Reflectance Value, which is a measurement of how light (LRV=100) or dark (LRV=0) a color is.

What are the best trim and ceiling colors to pair with Cloud Cover?

This photo shows Cloud Cover walls and BM Oxford White trim (satin sheen), brick columns and fireplace (flat), and ceiling (ultra-flat).  I love the way the homeowner decorated with warm wood finishes and a new LVP floor.

Living room with BM Cloud Cover walls and Oxford White trim and ceiling
Photo by M. O’Neill

We recommend clean whites for the trim and ceiling such as BM Chantilly Lace or BM Oxford White.  Also, consider off-whites that are lighter than Cloud Cover such as BM Snowfall White and BM Cloud White.  I like to use matching trim and ceiling whites in a room, lighter than the wall color.

For trim and ceilings, don’t use blue-white colors such as BM White Diamond or BM Decorator’s White because they are too cool will look discordant with Cloud Cover.  Cloud Cover is tricky – it looks cool, but it’s warmer than you think.

We do not recommend whites with heavy yellow undertones with Cloud Cover.  BM White Dove, BM Simply White and BM Swiss Coffee will look very yellow as trim and ceilings when paired with Cloud Cover walls.

Embrace the power of paint color.

Can I use Cloud Cover for exteriors?

If you are looking for a crisp white exterior, Cloud Cover is fantastic because it’s a darker white than expected.  It looks best as a “white” body color, or a trim color if you are looking for a very bright option.  Remember that colors look 5-10 times brighter outside, so this color will keep from looking harsh.

When should I use Cloud Cover?

You can use Cloud Cover In just about any room, but it really shines in North facing rooms, rooms with wood trim, or in rooms that have shadows.  It is fabulous in rooms with lots of sunshine too.  It looks best in houses with modern finishes, and especially with white quartz because its undertones are very similar to most quartz whites.  It isn’t doesn’t look great with pink beige earthy terra cotta tile.  Avoid this color in rooms with earthy Tuscan finishes.

Cloud Cover, as with other off-whites and light greige colors is a great tool to enhance architectural details.

Living room with BM Cloud Cover walls
Photo by M. O’Neill

Cloud Cover is a great white paint color for exteriors.

When should I avoid Cloud Cover?

We don’t recommend Cloud Cover for exteriors because it’s too bright and stark when you take it outside.  Also, since it’s a low pigment paint color (that’s what makes it beautiful inside), you would need more coats to get enough coverage.  If you want a bright white for your exterior, consider SW Pure White instead.  It has more pigment and will look similar to Cloud Cover outside.

Cloud Cover should not be used as a trim and ceiling color because it’s too dark.  For most situations, avoid Cloud Cover for cabinets because it’s too dark to be white and too light to be a greige.

Can my painter match Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover to Sherwin Williams?

The answer is NO. Not unless you want your house painted light green.  That’s what seems to happen when they try to match.  Instead, consider SW City Loft as a SW replacement for BM Cloud Cover.

Learn more about matching paint colors here.

The Verdict

Cloud Cover is a beautiful and versatile off-white paint color! You can use it in bright rooms, medium lit rooms and even darker rooms.  Avoid Cloud Cover as a white cabinet, trim or ceiling color.

No matter what, don’t forget to test your paint colors.  It’s a standard best practice.  Whenever I test my paint colors, they are perfect, and when I don’t test they turn out wrong. Learn how to test your paint colors here.

NEVER, EVER use paint matches from a different brand than the one specified.  Results are poor and there are no standards for the sheens.  Even though your painter may truly believe it can be done, don’t do it. See results from paint matching here.

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Cloud Cover Paint Color Review

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We love your comments! Please note that the blog is meant as general advice, and it is not possible to give out specific answers to your paint questions.  If you want more specific advice, please consider purchasing a color consultation. Thank you for your understanding.

11 Responses

  1. We are building a lake house in NH and the lake side with the wall of windows is north facing. We have to pick colors this week and the reflection into the house is bright snow however that will change once the snow melts and the greenery appears and the snow on the lake becomes blue. We chose cloud cover with Chantilly lace trim which look great together under current conditions but I’m concerned now reading your post once the exterior conditions change. It’s an open floor plan. What would you advise? Thanks so much.

  2. This is probably the palette I would choose for a lot full of foliage (Cloud cover has warmth that can check-mate the foliage), but unfortunately its hard to make sure if you can’t test in the summer. If you have carefully tested the paint colors in the house, in a very large area on the wall (3′ by 5′), and it still looks good its probably worth the risk. The most important element is that it should look good with your hard finishes in natural light.

  3. I’ve been wondering this same thing! Yes, please explain. My house is north exposure with a little southern light. And always wondered if cloud cover would work.

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading your post about this color. I’ve wanted white in the interior of my house which faces east and I think you have provided me with the answer. My next concern is I would love contrasting colors, Amy suggestions?


    1. Hi Margaret,
      My suggestion is to pull colors out of your decor. If you sign up for our email list it has several tips in our giveaway, “8 Easy Ways to Pick Paint Colors”.

  5. Your post has been incredibly helpful. I’ve been contemplating Snowbound for my kitchen and great room area, our cabinets will be Egret White. I want lighter than Egret but not stark. Do you think Cloud Cover would pair well with Egret? Our counter is pegasus dolomite which almost looks like Carrara marble. It’s primarily white with a touch of grey/griege. We would do Oxford white or something similar on trim. We’ll have simple white subway tile. Would love your thoughts? Thank you!

  6. This post has been helpful, thank you. Could I use Cloud Cover if my trim is SW Pure White? Also, how does it compare to Snowbound, there seem to be similarities? Thank you!

    1. Cloud Cover and Pure White would be really nice. I’m not crazy about Snowbound because of its strong taupey/pink undertones, but in the right setting it could work with Cloud Cover. Just make sure that you don’t paint match Cloud Cover to Sherwin-Williams

  7. Hello! New build and we need help with wall colour, trim and ceilings. Open to one colour for the entire home, but also open to suggestions. Kitchen and butler’s pantry cabinetry are Cloud Cover (I know I just read your comments), kitchen opens to a large great room with lots of natural light. Cambria Everleigh is counter tops. Pantry and back hall cabinetry is Balboa Mist. Ensuite cabinetry is Swiss coffee. Powder room is Wrought Iron. White oak hardwood largely everywhere, except tile in baths. Please offer me some suggestions! I have a couple of weeks before drywall is done! Thanks so much

  8. Thank you thank you for reviewing this paint color! Not many have and there is discrepant information out there regarding it’s LRV (anywhere from 80-82) and undertones (blue-gray, a smidge of violet). I have a very large north-facing great room/kitchen with a 10′ slider giving tons of natural light and I have been all over the map for an off white warm paint color that ties in dark brown/gray cabinets, white quartz countertops and modern brushed nickel hardware. After reading your description of what type of room Cloud Cover will work well in, I think I’m ready to call the painters.

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