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Our Top 10 Posts of 2023

It’s hard to believe that 2023 has come and (nearly) gone! It was a big year for The Color Concierge. We served hundreds of incredible clients through custom color consultations and our pre-made color palettes. We also created lots of color-related posts, sharing our knowledge and expertise with hundreds of thousands of blog subscribers.

It’s always interesting to see which posts performed best over the year. It can provide helpful insight into the kinds of colors homeowners are looking for and the color trends we expect to see next year.

In 2023, color was definitely on-trend, especially for interiors. While we certainly had some popular posts about our favorite white and neutral paint colors, I was surprised to see how many people read our posts about brighter and bolder colors this year. For exteriors, we saw many white farmhouses with neutral accents and splashes of color on front doors and shutters.

Keep reading to explore our top 10 posts of 2023. And if you haven’t already, visit each post to learn more!

Our Top 10 Color Review & Color Palette Posts of 2023

1. BM Swiss Coffee Color Review

A kitchen includes BM Swiss Coffee cabinets and Swiss Coffee walls for a monochromatic kitchen look.
Photo by M. Marceny

This post about Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee was hands down the most popular blog this year. It went so viral that at one point it froze my website and I had to upgrade my bandwidth and hosting service! (Thanks to this post, my whole website now runs even better.)

This white paint color is incredibly popular. And even though we use this with our clients frequently, I had no idea just how many people were interested in this paint color. It’s a great whole-house paint color and can also be used for kitchen cabinets.

Read more about Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee in our color review.

2. BM Color of the Year Blue Nova

An office and desk area is painted with Benjamin Moore Blue Nova paint,
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

It’s no surprise that Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year post was popular. And this year’s color – BM Blue Nova – was a unique, bold choice that made it clear we can expect to see more colorful homes over the coming year. 

This post shared inspiration about the best ways to use Blue Nova in your home – from accent walls and cabinets to entire offices and bedrooms – and also shared a Blue Nova color palette curated by the Benjamin Moore color team.

Read more about Benjamin Moore Blue Nova in our color review.

3. HGTV by Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

A room is painted with SW Persimmon paint
Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

This third post is another Color of the Year piece and another bold hue! HGTV Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year was Persimmon, an earthy, warm apricot color slightly lighter than terra cotta. It’s perfect for accent walls, small spaces, and even living rooms.

Our post dove deep into all the details you need before using Persimmon and shared design inspiration to help you incorporate this color into your own spaces.

Read more about Sherwin-Williams Persimmon in our color review.

4. Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green Color Review

An office is painted with Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green.
An office painted with BM Fernwood Green paint

This post surprised me! I love BM Fernwood Green, but it’s a fairly bright and bold green color, so I wasn’t sure how this post would perform. The fact that so many people read this post made it clear that homeowners are ready to move away from all-white everything and start bringing color back into their homes.

BM Fernwood Green is a warm green paint color with yellow undertones. While many green paints on the market today have lots of gray, Fernwood Green does not. It’s a bright, happy green perfect for an office, bedroom, or accent wall.

Read more about Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green in our color review.

5. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Color Review

Blue house with white trim and red front door
Photo by M. Marceny

We wrote a lot about dark paint colors this year, both for interior and exterior purposes. But this color review about BM Hale Navy was our most popular.

Hale Navy is a slightly warm, muted blue paint color. It has subtle green undertones that stand out in spaces with lots of natural light. It’s a wonderful color for bathrooms, offices, accent walls, and front doors (both interior and exterior). 

Learn more about Benjamin Moore Hale Navy in our color review.

6. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Color Review

A living room with large stone fireplace and Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter paint.
Color Concierge client photo

Revere Pewter is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular greige paint colors, so it’s no surprise that this post did well! It’s a sign that while bold colors may be trending, the classic neutrals aren’t going out of style any time soon.

BM Revere Pewter is a warm, greige paint color with strong green undertones. It’s a very versatile color and can be used for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It also works well as a whole-house paint color.

Read more about Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter in our color review.

7. The 6 Best Sherwin-Williams White Paint Colors

This gorgeous living room has SW Extra White walls with large floor to ceiling windows.
Photo by M. Camilli

White paint colors continue to be popular, and the popularity of this post helped prove that. We explore our top 6 favorite white paints from Sherwin-Williams, including SW Extra White, SW White Snow, SW Pure White, SW Cheviot, SW Greek Villa, and SW Alabaster.

We also shared our best tips for choosing – and using – white paint for your home, along with inspiration from client projects to show each of the white paint colors in action.

Read more about our favorite Sherwin-Williams white paint colors in our post.

8. Best Paint Colors for Your Basement

This basement room is painted with BM Stonington Gray, a blue-gray paint color and one of the best basement paint colors.
A basement painted with BM Stonington Gray

Basement spaces are notoriously tricky to paint, so I was not surprised to see this post be popular this year! Many basement spaces have low levels of natural light or get very different light throughout the day, which can make it difficult to find the perfect paint color.

In this post, we shared 9 of our favorite paint colors for basements, ranging from light and neutral (like Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray) to dark and bold (like Benjamin Moore Slate Teal).

Read more about our favorite basement paint colors in our post.

9. Top 6 Sherwin-Williams Exterior Color Palettes

A home featuring a Sherwin-Williams exterior color scheme with SW Cyberspace paint
A home painted with SW Cyberspace paint

We wrote a lot about exterior paint and exterior color palettes this year. Designing custom exterior color palettes was also one of our most popular consulting services in 2023. But this post about six palettes using Sherwin-Williams paint colors was by far our top-performing Exterior article.

With color palettes ranging from dark and bold to light and bright, these exterior color palettes are sure to inspire any homeowner who wants to transform their home.

Read more and explore all our favorite Sherwin-Williams exterior color palettes in the post.

10. Benjamin Moore Simply White Whole-House Color Palette

An open concept kitchen is painted with Benjamin Moore Simply White paint.
Photo by M. Marceny

BM Simply White is one of those magical paint colors that look good in many different spaces. It’s bright and warm thanks to yellow undertones and does an amazing job of lighting up rooms with low light without looking dingy.

In this post, we shared our client’s whole-house color palette, using Simply White as the foundation and working in other neutrals and some bright, bold colors (including Hale Navy and Fernwood Green!).

Read more about this Benjamin Moore Simply White color scheme in our post.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting The Color Concierge. As we head into 2024, we’ll be keeping an eye on all the color trends you need to know – and, of course, we will share our expertise with you!

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