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The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Red Brick Homes

Best exterior paint colors red brick homes

Today we give you the best exterior paint colors for red brick homes, and how to use them. Red brick is muted and earthy, so any color we pick should also be muted and not clean and fresh.  

There are many exterior paint colors that will go well with red brick, but we focus on the most no-fail versions.

For example, if you want the look of white trim, choose creamy colors instead of clean or cool whites, which look harsh with red brick.

Choose black shutters for red brick walls or light colored siding, and cream colored shutters for dark paint colors.

No matter what, always test your paint colors, and you can learn how here.

Update a red brick home with dark blue!

This updated home was built in 1968.  The Color Concierge chose dark blue for the siding and garage door exterior paint colors (Sherwin Williams Cyberspace) for a fresh new look.  Since colors appear three shades lighter outside, we picked cream instead of white (Sherwin Williams Westhighland White) for the trim.  Although it  reads white, the creamy color keeps it from looking harsh, like primer.  Shutters on the second floor were removed, and trim was added to the windows. The painters, New Morning, Inc. did an amazing job!

use a modern and crisp motif for exterior paint colors with red brick

Before photo of a red brick house with white paint
Photo by M. Camilli

The front door was painted SW Cyberspace to match the siding and family heirloom stained glass.  The shutters, porch roof and trim were painted cream SW Westhighland white to update and brighten the front porch.

Best exterior paint colors red brick homes, Front door and Siding SW Cyberspace, Trim SW Westhighland white
Photo by M. Camilli

Photo by Maddie Camilli for The Color Concierge

Creamy Beige & Black Look Timeless

A warm beige looks creamy and perfect in this timeless and harmonious palette.  Although mid-toned Wool Skein look dark on paper, when used outside it looks like cream and picks up the undertones of the brick grout.

Black shutters and a front door are a classic choice and look crisp with a brick or creamy exterior.

Best exterior paint colors red brick homes timeless paint colors, wool skein 6148, tricorn black 6258

Best exterior paint colors for red brick homes Source

Cream vs. White for Classic Colonial

Pick cream trim, columns and garage instead of white to prevent it from looking like primer.  Cream paint colors look brighter outside, and coordinate better with earthy red brick.  Paint the door and shutters black.

Make your home your own with the perfect colors.

Best exterior paint colors for red brick homes, sw westhighland white 7566, sw tricorn brick 6258

Best exterior paint colors for red brick homes, columns, colonial Source

DON’T use clean whites or fresh colors or reds

Clean whites look unnaturally bright with brick, which is a muted finish. Reds can look good, but most people don’t get it right.  just stay away from red doors, accents or trim.

brick building with clean white trim is too harsh a contrast.
Photo by M. Marceny

Fresh colors look wrong next to earthy red brick.  Use muted and earthy versions of colors instead. That’s why it’s best to work with a professional exterior paint color consultant.

So, there you have it! Our no-fail paint colors for red brick houses. Don’t forget to always test your paint colors; learn here. Which colors are your favorites with red brick?

Online Color Consulting

If you still need help with paint colors, check out our Online Color Consulting packages or an In-Person Color Consultation in the Denver Metro area.


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best exterior paint colors with red brick and how to use them

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29 Responses

  1. Like your color picks for what goes with red brick. I was wondering if you might have a suggestion for me.

    I am in a row home and have 50+ year old metal/aluminum awnings in the back (3). My fence and shed is closest to Sherwin Williams 7053 (Adaptive Shade). Is there a color you could suggest for the awnings for me? They have been hunter green for years and years (yuk).


    1. Hi Tammy,
      Thanks for your message! It’s hard for me to give advice without seeing full photos of your home and neighbors. The best way is to purchase an Ask a Color Question package so that I can see photos of your home and neighbors.

      1. How much is a online color consultation? Need help picking colors for garage doors, house color, trim and front door

      2. ooo, I love that last picture. Orange brick with the patina green, although it is the blue that really makes it.

    2. I just went from rails to bright white colums on my front porch and my trims around and under my porch and carport is a beige cream color. The plan was to paint all of the vinly siding trim white, but that was too costly. I do not know what to do,please help me with choosing colors on including front door and shutters.

  2. I have white siding on top of house brick on bottom the house is a cape cod I have shutters a garage door and a front door to paint house is 1942 it’s a reddish orange brick

  3. Would it be okay to use your suggested palette For shutters and trim but allow the front door to be bright – just as a patina green?

  4. I’m thinking of using wool skein and tricorn on my red brick house but I have hardiplank on the back with a covered porch. If I just use the two colors will that look to monochromatic?

    1. Hi Terri,
      It’s hard to say without seeing a photo of the house. Pre-painted Hardie board comes in a variety of colors, and some Hardie Board products are paintable. For a more detailed answer, we have an “Ask a Question” package, where we can take a look at the photo and let you know.

  5. I had heard when picking a white to go against brick that I should stay under a 84 paint tone. My problem is I’m having a hard time finding this “tone scale”. Does paint also come in a brightness scale? What are your thoughts on brightness next to brick? (I am painting a California thick stucco house that has brick from ground to mid level around the entire front of the house and the stucco is REALLY challenging. Every white looks different on stucco compared to a standard wood sided house).
    If you were painting a rough and highly textured stucco with brick, would you pick the same colors? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Chandra,
      What great questions! I think what you mean by “84 paint tone” is the LRV, or the Light Reflectance Value. LRV is a scale that goes from 0 (darkest) to 100 (lightest) to describe how dark or light a paint color is. There is no “brightness” scale, and a warm/creamy white can have the same LRV as a cool/bright white.

      When it comes to which white to use with brick, I prefer to use warmer whites. When you paint an exterior, color can look 5 to 10 times lighter outside than it does inside. In California where the sun is really bright (as it is here in Colorado), colors and whites wash out even more. for a house like yours, I would use a color no lighter than Benjamin Moore Classic Gray or Sherwin Williams Dover White for the trim. You just need to make sure to test your paint colors because the same color will look different on a shiny vs. rough surface like stucco. Relatively speaking though, I still wouldn’t pick a bright or even off white for your trim or house. It will end up looking way to bright for an exterior.

      I hope that helps!


    2. I have an orange brown rust brick house and I want to paint my big bay windows, siding over my door and front door. I love the red door white window look. What do you suggest to stay within that look?

      1. Hi MJ,
        We would really need to see your house for more detailed advice. One of our color consulting packages would be a great way to do it, and we could also help with your wall color recommendations.

  6. hello,

    I have a brick home with a red door, no storm door no shutters or railings. my thought was to re paint door red and paint the white trim black ……

    literally every neighbor has white trim. the number of blue homes with blue doors and white trim is disturbing I feel like a scene from step ford wives movie. they are beautiful homes.

    But if that was they’re vision, who am I to say they shouldn’t bring it to pass.

    but i have this vision of a black door & all view black storm door.railings with a black iron fence….

    should i paint the white garage black as well? or is it over kill

    1. Red/orange Brick and black can be a lovely combination! Its hard for me to say for sure without seeing your house, but you could ofcourse paint the garage door black.

    2. Looking for ideas to match some of my brick and surprised to see the townhomes next door show up on the recommendation page!

      Unfortunately all these homes seem to run a white mortar whereas mine seems to run pink, so I’m not sure the color recommendations match with this.

      1. Hi Kevin,
        These townhouses are local for us; if you would like an exterior color consult, just check our page. We could probably even stop by in person.

  7. What material is the siding made of, in the before and after photo. What’s your thoughts on painting vinyl siding in a city that gets cold winters with lots of snow and hot summers (but not sweltering).

    1. Hi,
      I’m not exactly sure what the siding is, but the home was built in the sixties, so I would guess wood. I would check with your local paint company to see what their advice is. I know that Sherwin Williams has a specific vinyl paint.


  8. We are adding a garage addition to our all brick ranch home. The brick is a mottled red/brown/black. We have a dark gray tin roof (it actually appears more whitish). We will be replacing whole house gutters, soffits and fascia. My original thought was gray siding. We have 2 outbuildings close to the house that are barn red. Would it be too much to do the house siding a barn red also? Currently the shutters are white an subject to change. I live in middle of nowhere , midwest.

    Thanks so much for any advice.

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      It’s really hard for me to make recommendations without seeing photos and more detailed information. I encourage you to purchase a color consulting package.

  9. As we replace the windows on our brick colonial home, we plan to stay with the cream trim. However, we would like to go a lighter white on the interior house trim. How do we make the windows transition from BM Sail Cloth on the exterior trim to BM White Dove or China White on the interior trim.

    1. Hi Doug,
      That is a great question! You really don’t need to have the same color inside as outside for the window frames. For example, some people have black windows outside and white windows inside. If you transition from BM Sail Cloth to either White Dove or China White inside, you should be fine.

  10. What colors work with a house that has some red/orange brickwork porch column and on each side of the garage ( house built in the 90s) and a medium brown roof? ( Heatherblend by certinteed ) Thanks!

  11. Interested in exterior paint schemes for red brick house:
    – New Siding (top half of house on two sides only)
    – Front Door
    – Shutters
    – Trim
    – Garage Door

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