17 Gorgeous Front Door Paint Colors from Paris

We are always looking front door paint color ideas, and this year we found them in Paris!  In early September, we (Michelle & Maddie) traveled to Paris for Maison & Objet, the interior design trade show. While we learned SO much at the show, we learned just as much wandering around the beautiful city streets. We were amazed to find a common pattern in the doors of Paris, and have brought back the ultimate color guide to transform your front door into a Paris-inspired beauty.  We have 16 bold and beautiful colors for your front doors.

The Pattern We Saw

We learned that the doors in Paris are either blue, green, red, or occasionally a neutral or stained wood door. They are large with prominent handles and feature ornate decorative work. Sometimes the door colors tied in with their surroundings, but not always.  Paint your doors with semi-gloss sheen to make them stand out.  We matched each door to a Benjamin Moore paint color so you can paint your front door with inspiration from the streets of Paris!

Blue Front Doors

The most common color we saw was blue. Below are five options for blue doors that include crisp and clean, muted, light and dark colors to  cater to your exterior style. The first front door color is crisp and clean, and the color is Benjamin Moore Blue Macaw 784.

Blue double front door
Photo by M. Camilli / Blue Macaw

This beautiful mid-tone blue glows with the local stone.  Paint your door with Benjamin Moore Fiji AF-525.

Blue front doors
Photo by M. Camilli / Fiji

A dark moody blue adds a touch of drama.  Check out Benjamin Moore Hudson Bay 1680.

Front door painted with Hudson Bay
Photo by M. Camilli / Hudson Bay

Another mid-tone option with Benjamin Moore Mistral 842.

Double Front Doors painted with Benjamin Moore Mistral
Photo by M. Camilli / Mistral

This door is Benjamin Moore Niagara Falls 1657, a lovely mid-toned muted option.

Blue front door painted with Niagara Falls
Photo by M. Camilli / Niagara Falls

Green Front Doors

The next most common color we saw was green.  Our lightest option was Benjamin Moore Harrisburg Green HC-132.

Green Front Door Harrisburg Green HC 132
Photo by M. Camilli / Harrisburg Green

The darkest option was Benjamin Moore Miramichi CC-752, and we are in love!

Green front door painted with Miramichi
Photo by M. Camilli / Miramichi

The clean and crisp option is a gorgeous arched door matched to Benjamin Moore North Sea Green 2053-30.

Green front door painted Benjamin Moore North Sea Green
Photo by M. Camilli / North Sea Green

This beautiful muted green is Benjamin Moore High Park 467.

Green Front door Benjamin Moore High Park 467
Photo by M. Camilli / High Park

Red Front Doors

We also saw lots of red front doors, especially with churches. The doors on this church look like Benjamin Moore Raisin Torte 2083-10.

Church with red front doors
Photo by M. Camilli / Raisin Torte

These doors were also Raisin Torte. They are delicious, dark and muted!

Red front door painted Benjamin Moore Raisin Torte 2083-10
Photo by M. Camilli / Raisin Torte

These doors are dark and bold.  Remember Caliente AF-290? It was Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year.

Red front door painted with Benjamin Moore Caliente
Photo by M. Camilli / Caliente

These next door neighbors both have red doors.  Benjamin Moore Rapture CC-66 on the left and Ruby Red 2001-10 on the right.

Red front doors painted Benjamin Moore ruby red and rapture
Photo by M. Camilli / Rapture, Ruby Red

Last but not least, Benjamin Moore Million Dollar Red 2003-10 is my favorite, I’m going to paint my new front door that color!

This is one of Laurel Bern’s favorite red paint colors to brighten up a north facing room. If you haven’t read Laurel’s blog, you should.  She teaches all about paint colors, interior (and exterior design), has a great sense of humor, and I love learning from her. She has tons of experience in the trenches!

Red front door painted with Benjamin Moore Million Dollar Red 2003-10
Photo by M. Camilli / Million Dollar Red

Neutral Front Door Colors

When the doors weren’t one of these bright and beautiful colors, they were a unique and lovely neutral shade.

These ornate doors were painted Benjamin Moore Marina Gray 1599, a shimmery cool magical color.  It looks great with the stone, and almost looks metallic.

Gray front doors painted Benjamin Moore Marina Gray 1599
Photo by M. Camilli / Marina Gray

Our last door color is Benjamin Moore Sterling Silver 1461, a serene warm gray.

Gray front door painted with Benjamin Moore Sterling Silver 1461
Photo by M. Camilli / Sterling Silver

The Verdict

With all the fun that comes with choosing a front door color, the vast array of options can be a little overwhelming- BUT, our Guide to Paris Doors can aid in your decision process and inspire you straight from the beautiful streets of Paris!

As always, don’t forget to test your paint colors. Check out our paint testing blog here.

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17 Front Door Paint Colors

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