Frequently Asked Questions

In-Home Consultation

Are you considering engaging us as a color consultant? I’ve answered the questions that I get most often so that you can schedule your in-home consultation with confidence.

Q: Why should I hire a color consultant?

A color consultant is trained to see colors that will coordinate with your decor and hard finishes.  We can very quickly identify the existing undertones and help you create the look and feel you want without testing many paint colors on the wall. When you hire a color consultant, you won’t need to re-paint your walls or live with carpet or counters that don’t look right.

Q: How do I schedule a color consultation?

Link to our Contact Us page, email michelle@colorconcierge.com or call at 303-881-0709.

Q: What is your service area?

Our service area is primarily Boulder County, but we may travel to the rest of the Denver Metro area with a service fee.

Q: Do you have a minimum service or time for the consultation?

Our consultations are based on time.  The first consultation usually takes 90 minutes as we will need to take time to discuss what look and feel you want.  The service is dependent on your likes and dislikes, so we ask that you be present.  We schedule a minimum of 90 minutes for the first consult and sixty minutes for later consults.

Q: What are the fees for an in-home color consultation?

Our hourly fee is $120/hr with a 90 minute minimum for the first consultation and a one hour minimum for later consultations.

E-COLOR Service – Your Virtual Guide to the Perfect Color

Are you on a budget, far away or need a fast turnaround?  The E-COLOR Virtual Color Concierge Service is perfect for you! I’ve answered the questions I get most often so that you can start your Color Consultation with confidence.

Q: How do I order an E-COLOR Service?

Link to our Contact Us page, email michelle@colorconcierge.com or call at 303-881-0709.

Q: What will happen when I buy my Color Concierge Bundle?

A: We will automatically send you an email with a link to a color questionnaire so that you can give us details about what you want to accomplish and upload pictures of your space.  We will give you instructions on how to take the pictures that we need for our service.  Please make sure that you allow xxx@thecolorconcierge through your email spam filters.

Fill the questionnaire out as soon as possible, and upload pictures of your space. We will respond with your Color Concierge consultation with an e-mailed E-COLOR Guide to the Perfect Color Report within 5 business days after you submit your questionnaire.

Q: I bought my Color Concierge E-COLOR Bundle, but I haven’t received the automated questionnaire e-mail.

A: If you have not received your e-mail, try the following:

  1. Search your emails with “thecolorconcierge.com”, all mailboxes.
  2. Check your spam or junk folder to see if the e-mail is there.  Make sure that you allow michelle@thecolorconcierge through your email spam filters.
  3. Check to make sure that you are checking the same email account that you purchased the service with.

If you still can’t find the e-mail, contact me through the website.  I’ll get back to you within one business day.

Q: What do I get with my Color Concierge E-COLOR Guide to the Perfect Color Report?

A: This report is your guide to the perfect color!  Our reports will be e-mailed in a pdf format, and include the following:

  • The request you made on your questionnaire.
  • A picture of the room with our color recommendations  We usually make three different color recommendations.  We also include our rationale for why we made the choices. If we have any other suggestions for the space we add them here.
  • Information on how to test colors in your space, the best paint sheens for the space, and other guidelines for painting and choosing contractors.
  • An easy to use color guide for your paint contractor.

Your color consultation includes a follow-up email from you so that we can answer any questions you might have.

Q: How long will the Color Concierge E-COLOR Guide to the Perfect Color Report be?

A: The report length varies on the service.  A simple one-room consultation is be two pages long.  A longer consultation with more colors and elements could be as long as ten pages or more.

Q: Can I talk to one of the Color Concierges about my questionnaire or report?

A: We don’t offer phone consultations for E-COLOR Consultations at this time.  This is a cost-conscious service, and we ask that you include all of your questions and information on the questionnaire so that we can maximize efficiency for the consultation.

We do include one e-mail question after the report has been sent as part of the service.

Q: I forgot to add some details to the questionnaire.  Can I e-mail them to you?

A: Since I get so many e-mails, I ask that you make sure that you have a completed questionnaire before you submit it. Otherwise, I could miss something If I need to sort through e-mails.

Q: Does the Color Concierge have a warranty or money-back policy?

A: We include a follow-up email within 30 days of your consultation so that you can ask questions about the E-COLOR Guide and we can update or change our recommendations if we need to.

Within 90 days of payment and before we complete your consultation we will provide a refund less a $25 fee.  After 90 days or when the consultation has been sent, we cannot provide a refund.

Q: How much time will it take to get my Color Concierge E-COLOR Consultation Report?

A: We will send your report as soon as possible, but we currently have a 5 business day lead-time after we receive your completed questionnaire.

Q: What if I lose my copy of the Color Concierge E-Color Consultation Report?

A: Contact us and give us your name and the e-mail address used to buy the report.  We will respond within 2 business days.