Why Us?



Meet Polly – she just moved into her house and needs to paint her downstairs open area.  She is terrified that she will spend tons of time choosing a color, and it still won’t be right.

Polly can’t decide which color to paint.  Last year, in her old house, she painted her powder room three times, and still couldn’t get the color right.  This cost her $400 each time she painted, for a total of $1200!

Polly talked to her neighbor, Isabel. She said she called the Color Concierge.  They came to her house and helped her find the perfect color for her living room.  She didn’t even need to buy any new furniture.

Polly was worried that a color consultant would be too expensive.  Isabel explained that she spent far less on a consultation than it would have cost to repaint, and loves the results.

Polly loves Isabel’s living room color.

If you want to save time and money, contact the Color Concierge to get the perfect color every time!