6 Guidelines to Test Perfect Paint Color

You want to paint a room and have agonized about the perfect color. You narrowed your choices down to three possibilities, and you simply can’t decide!

The next logical step is to test the paint colors in the room to make the perfect choic.

1. Use a painted poster board with a white edge.
Make sure that the poster board has 2 coats of paint, and a 2 inch white edge that surrounds the color. Small paint swatches don’t have enough surface area to see enough of the undertones, and they look different than the paint board.

Paint swatch is darker than the painted sample board

When you paint on the wall without a white background, the existing color distorts the view, and you can’t see how it relates with other parts of the room.

2. Make sure that the surfaces in the room are clean.
Sometimes a color looks dingy because its dirty, not because its the wrong color for the room.  I recommended a wall color once for a bathroom. When the client moved in, they steam cleaned the floor tile, and it changed from pink beige to bright white, and we had to repaint.

3. Move the poster board around the room
View the color next to hard finishes, furniture and art. Make sure that it looks right on every wall.

4. Give yourself at least one day to make your decision.
Look at the color at different times of day. Morning, noon and evening light varies and can make the color look different.

5. Orient the poster the same way it will exist in the room. For example, if its going on the wall, look at the sample in the vertical position.


6. Test the color after lighting in the room has been finalized.
Lighting can really change depending on what type of light you have in the room. Whether its an LED with warm or cold light, or an extra lamp in the corner. Light always affects color.

A color test can be easy and accurate if you follow these steps!

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